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  1. Many thanks for your answer Yes I have always used the same file. I noticed that this problem only occurs with this document, so I copied everything into a new file where everything works fine. The reference in the navigation palette should be correct. I saved my document locally and my reference file on the server. Maybe I don't have a clean server connection which interrupts the reference every time? Thanks again and have a nice day
  2. Hello dear forum To save a little work, I have referenced the different text layouts, which are stored as symbols in our main document, in my stair plan. This always works well for one day, and the next day my text structures were changed into a group and are no longer stored or referenced as symbols in the Accessories Manager. Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong? In this plan, I also use a referenced viewport from the same document, but it works normally. Thanks for advance notice Micha
  3. Micha095

    Plan list

    Thank you for the answer. I was hoping to be able to insert a marionette into the plans and then, by executing it, get a list of the layouts with the numbers etc. in a table. But if this is possible with this database worksheet, I will try it like this.
  4. Micha095

    Plan list

    Hello everybody Can anyone tell me if there is a Marionette that can create a plan list for me? If so, where can I download it? Thanks in advance Micha
  5. I don't get it. I find this post on the VW-Helpdesk only in English and unfortunately not in German. Challenge!
  6. Hello Hans-Olav oh perfect Thanks a lot
  7. Hello everybody Is it possible to perform volume subtraction on a wall? It works great when creating a niche in the 2D plan, but when I try to subtract a volume from a wall it doesn't work. But when I try to add a volume to the wall, it works. Thanks


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