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  1. Thanks Matt. Perfect. Your short explanation would be a great addition to the VW Help site. Have a great day.
  2. Hi Joseph: I have seen the document preferences you mention and per your attachment and VW help does address it some but it is a bit cryptic to me. Extracted from VW help: "For symbol definitions with detail levels defined for 3D components (see Customizing detail levels for 2D and 3D components of symbol definitions and plug-in objects), automatically displays the detail levels designated for the drawing scale. Define the scales at or below which the design layer will display the Low and Medium detail levels; the High detail level automatically displays for drawings with a scale set above the level defined for Medium." Is there a video on the channel addressing how to go about modifying the defaults shown as 2, 1? Or perhaps please give some examples as related to design layer scale.
  3. RussU: (a few months later): I was having same problem on a file as the above folks. I checked your suggestion and it did the trick. I was stymied because I have other files that worked just perfect. As it turned out I had imported some symbols or objects from other files of vastly different scales and some of them ended up in 'outer space'. In addition to the striated lines, I had very poor OpenGL rendering. Losts of my object edges had wavy/scalloped edges. Your solutions solved both problems. Kind regards,
  4. Thanks Pat. I was thinking it might have gone in as a built-in plug-in but I don't see it there either. I have no idea how or where to find what the actual internal name would be. Obviously there has got to be one because it works in the program. Thanks for the response though. One more request for info please: I think PIO stands for 'Programmed Input/Output', correct? Not sure what DMTBN means though?
  5. I have used many DoMenuTextByName scripts in the past to automate menu command selection but am having no luck using it for Modify>Drafting Aids>Simplify Polys... Can not find any reference to 'Simplify Polys...' in any of the Appendices. Has anyone had any better luck with it?
  6. Proper mapping of textures happens automatically on 3d views of roof objects. Is it possible to map the attributes of a tile fill (or hatch) on the top plan view of a roof object?


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