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  1. Thanks for your answers! "gSDK->DoMenuName("Fit to Objects", 0);" does the trick. 😀
  2. Hi all, I would like to set the option "fit to objects" programmatically, but I couldn't find a SDK call. Is there a way to set this option programmatically? Thanks for any help. Tobias
  3. Hi JBenghiat, thanks for your reply. We do not want to activate "kMovedReset" because it may be expensive to recreate the geometry. We only need the "a new object was created" events, so that we can handle some intern stuff like generating new uuids / names for our intern object connection system. The problem is, like Nicolas said, the SDK calls are not on our end and we do not control it. For example, if you drag + paste or duplicate objects in the Vectworks document (via user interaction), the events are send. It would be nice to have an option to get control of the event system - maybe sth. like this: gSDK->DuplicateObject(bool doSendEvents = false). For gSDK->DeleteObject there is a separate function call gSDK->DeleteObjectNoNotify to ignore events when objects are deleted.
  4. Hi, we listen to object events via the VectorWorks::Extension::IObjUpdateSupport interface. We accept state events for our objects with: IObjUpdateSupportContext->AcceptState(const TXString& objName). When creating objects with gSDK->CreateCustomObject(..), two events are send: * ObjectState::kObjectCreated * ObjectState::kFirstRegenReset Deleting objects with gSDK->DeleteObject(..) sends also events: * ObjectState::kObjectDeleteBefore But if we use gSDK->DuplicateObject(..) to duplicate objects, there are no events send. We would expect the following events (because a new object is created): * ObjectState::kObjectCreated * ObjectState::kFirstRegenReset Is there a property we have to set to get those events? Or is there something else we are missing? Thanks for any help!
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