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  1. Kerschbaumer

    Cant snap/smart cursor to objects inside a group

    VW2019. Thanks for info - problem fixed, somehow wiggled out of Plan View so hit ctrl 5 and all good. I figured it was something simple but was at a loss, dont recall having that happen before. Thanks Kevin.
  2. I cannot seem to snap or smart cursor to an object such as a line or rectangle inside a group. Am hoping it is a simple toggle setting I have not been able to figure out, dont recall this happening on older VW versions. Thanks in advance Mark
  3. Kerschbaumer

    VW 2019 Publishing PDF problem - fonts garbled

    Seriously scratching my head here and not having any luck fixing problem. Courier font works fine, Arial does not. Not about to change fonts after 20 years... attached a pic of the print out using both fonts.
  4. Kerschbaumer

    VW 2019 Publishing PDF problem - fonts garbled

    Thanks rDesign Have read through and tried all suggestions you posted. I use Arial font for everything. I did print from Preview and it worked fine. I also did the font validation and there was a yellow warning for it which I corrected by resetting default fonts and now all green light. Interesting when I change the font to Courier it works fine. When I print from Adobe Reader and a very old version of Acrobat Pro they both are garbled. Only thing I can think of is that there something that VW2019 does when it generates the pdf that Adobe products dont like in the font......Have pent half the day and half my ink trying to sort this out....
  5. When I publish a pdf set of drawings then print them out on my printer all of the text is garbled. Am running VW 2019 with latest up to date service pack and my HP 7740 print driver is is also up to date, I am on a new macbook pro running High Sierra 10.13.6. When I use the 'file' 'export' 'export to PDF' command and check the 'rasterize text' option the text then prints just fine. Using the 'Publish' sommand it does not give me that option and text always garbles. Attached are pics. The first is of the on-screen pdf as generated by VW. The next is the garbled text print out using the 'Publish' command and the third is using PDF Export command. I recently switched from VW2013 and never had this problem. I opened up some old PDFs that were genereated from VW2013 and the problem does not exist. In v2013 there was no 'Publish' option, we had to use 'export PDF Batch'. Thanks in advance
  6. Kerschbaumer

    VW 2019 How to import PDF?

    Brilliant - thank you! somehow it didn't make it through - all good now
  7. Kerschbaumer

    VW 2019 How to import PDF?

    I am sure there is an obvious answer but as usual searching help or googling don't answer this simple question. I cannot figure out how to import a PDF! My old VW 2013 had an import option but it has vanished in my 2019. Thanks for your patience with me...
  8. Kerschbaumer

    Trim tool 'cuts' up rectangles

    I draw purely in 2D using lines and polygons/rectangles. In older versions of VW I would plunk my window into a wall and 'cut' the wall with a temporary line to break it. Now when I do this it also breaks up the rectangle I have that represents the jamb which I don't want. Older versions used to leave the rectangle intact. Is there a fix or work around to this aside from using a addition number of key strokes to remove the rectangle then paste in place when I am done cutting? Thanks in advance
  9. Kerschbaumer

    Old dog, new VW - Custom Legacy Script Pallette problem

    Wow, Thanks - Problem fixed. Thanks rDesign!
  10. Hi Just made the leap from VW 2013 to 2019 and am having problem with a custom script pallette we had made 20 years ago that allows me to easily set lineweights. Have been able to use it with out problems through all the years but now does not seem to work. I have confirmed the script is the same as it was on my v2013 and it works there. Also have another script pallette to change line weights and that one seems to work fine. Attached here is a screenshot of the pallette, the error message, and the script. Any help would be much appreciated. I very much value being able to keep same setup and workflow as before and do realize there are other ways to change lineweights, but this is simple and very familiar to me. thanks in advance. Regards Mark
  11. Am a sole practitioner designing houses and dont use any of the 3D or other fancy tools,
  12. Kerschbaumer

    VW 2013 Jumpy cursor

    Indeed it was and I clung onto it as long as I could. When I finally made the jump to 2013 it always boggles my mind that, while they do fix and improve somethings, they seem to also undo little good things that existed in earlier versions. For example - in 2013 when I generate a pdf - VW requires me to click to ok acknowledge it has successfully generated the pdf - like it wants me to say 'good job VW' before I am allowed to keep working. Oh, and my most hated one is when I draw sections and have rectangles for plates and joists and then have to trim some lines that touch the rectangle - the bloody thing trims the rectangle too and turns it into a 3 sided polyline!! Makes me want to scream. I must click my mouse a million times a day and if I was VW I would design future updates to reduce the number of clicks I need to make - not add to them for no aparent benefit Sorry, I had to rant. I'll stop now
  13. Kerschbaumer

    VW 2013 Jumpy cursor

    I am already on VW 2013, was tough move as I loved 12.5
  14. Kerschbaumer

    VW 2013 Jumpy cursor

    Mouse is clean, snaps are off - It doesnt seem to help - I am thinking maybe my Macbook is the issue now - I guess I spend all day on VW so notice it most there but my computer does sort of hang up - it is 7 years old. Problem is if I upgrade my laptop - I pretty much have to upgrade my license and am not ready for such a big hit
  15. Kerschbaumer

    VW 2013 Jumpy cursor

    Been gettting worse and worse - my cursor seems to ping around when moving my mouse and it is difficult to make accurate selections. Granted I am on a 2010 Macbook pro with 8GB Ram and my first guess is I am running out of RAM or the computer is getting too old. My files sizes are all small and it doesnt happen in other software like Sketchup. Any suggestions ?


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