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  1. Hi, I'm using VW 2021 (Oz-SP4 - Build 602791) on a Mac (OS Big Sur). The Object Info Palette is showing "No Selection" regardless of which object is clicked. I've tried rebooting the Mac and VW to no avail. It seems rather haphazard. Sometimes the Object Info shows up by right-clicking an object and selecting "Activate Layer", sometimes by double clicking the object, sometimes not. Previously a single left click directly on the object itself simply brought up the info in the OIP. What has changed? Have I hit some button accidentally? Also, objects copied from VW 2020 files are not editable. In Settings, the General tab shows up, but all the others (Geometry etc) are blank. Does this mean I can no longer edit my 2020 files? Cheers for any help!
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