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  1. Thanks Pat, I do have Fill on my objects. I just found out that if I render those objects in Wireframe mode, it does appears as if I rendered it in Hidden Line. Somewhere the programmers has this option flipped. Dashed Hidden Line does nothing like it used to.
  2. I'm working on 2D objects, sending them front and back in the design layer where needed. I then create a viewport and place it on the sheet. When I render in Hidden Line mode, it finishes as if I were rendering in wireframe, showing all lines that I have placed behind another object. I've never had this issue in the past so hopefully this will be resolved quickly. Using Vectorworks 2022, SP3, Build 636848.
  3. I've also been experiencing this same issue since v2022 came out. I am also seeing "A required resource was unavailable". It occurs when I go to edit some models I've created and where I've used the Add Solids command to build that structure. Not sure if a file size being so large is a factor as the one I'm currently working on that is crashing with this issue is just over 199,300kb in size.
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