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  1. Had trouble setting singular constraints.. Discovered the correct settings for vertically constrained objects are as follows: vs.MoveTo(0,0) vs.LineTo(0,100) h = vs.LNewObj() vs.SetSingularConstraint(4, h, 1, 2)
  2. Hello, I've been trying to get dimensions pulled to the right, as well as down, to have their text outside of the dimensions lines. I was able to achieve this by with a custom dim std. and assigning that with vs.SetDimStd(0), however I would like to control it programmatically with the script and not rely on having a custom dim std. present. I've tried the following with no luck: vs.LinearDim(previousPoint, point, offset, 1, 770, 3, 0) vs.LinearDim(previousPoint, point, offset, 1, 770, 1, -36) vs.LinearDim(previousPoint, point, - offset, 0, 770, 1, 0) vs.SetObjectVariableReal(vs.LNewObj(), 44, -36) vs.LinearDim(start, stop, offset, 0, 770, 1, 0) vs.SetObjectVariableInt(vs.LNewObj(), 52, 2) Any advice? What is the meaning of the bitwise text flag "Text inside-outside [ 2 ]" from Appendix E: LinearDim
  3. For whatever reason VW will not allow the reshape tool to modify a rectangle. You must Modify > Convert > Convert to Polygons, which then allows reshape to work. I am trying to implement this in an object node as either a network or custom node, and cannot get it to work. Neither the 'Convert to Polygon' or 'Convert to Polyline' nodes make a rectangle reshape-able as control geometry, and neither 'vs.ConvertoToPolyline()' or 'vs.ConvertToPolygon()' seems to work in a script. How can I automate the menu command 'Convert to Polygons' so that I can take a rectangle or other poly as a rehsape-able control geometry input?
  4. Stumbling on this too.. would be great if there was better documentation or a public reference.
  5. Found it in the user folder > Plug-ins > Marionette > Marionette.py
  6. I am looking for a python reference for the library used in programming marionette nodes. I realize that most of the user-space procedures are available as VectorScript functions [0] and accessible via python, but is there similar reference for marionette's python specific methods used in the processing of node instructions? [0](https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Vectorscript_Available_for_Marionette)
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