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  1. A predefined sheet layer is good. Attached is a VWX file with a tiny hypothetical show organized in a typical way for my use case. sht-1 "STICKERS" has a sample sticker symbol with text typed in to indicate the data from the hoist OIP I'd like to connect to and a short parenthetical explanation. Sticker test attempt.vwx
  2. Yeah Pat thank you. That sounds just about perfect. The idea is that I'd like everything to come from the drawing rather than bouncing around various office programs, so keeping everything I want to edit within the hoist symbols themselves is just fine, and you've nailed a good process... My experience with coding is being pretty serviceable writing functions in excel and knowing some basic java, but I haven't had a reason to dive into scripting in VWX yet, so it's a little intimidating, but this seems like a great excuse. But that's where I'm coming from so I might struggle a little with this... Is there any link you might want me to read/study so that I don't waste your time getting me up to speed with basics? Thank you so much!
  3. Hey guys, here's a new one maybe: First: thank you VWX team for making the vanilla hoist system work well. It was pretty rough in 2021, but I really like the kinks you've worked out for 2022. Anyway, here's my current workflow for printing layout stickers: Make a VWX worksheet --> copy paste into a google sheets template that sorts and highlights the data nicely for me --> perform a mail merge into a doc for printing and touchups --> print It works, but it's kind of a lot of steps and clunky to boot. I wonder if there's a way I can print my stickers straight out of Vector Works? I know how to make a symbol and link the text within to a custom data record (thanks Pat). But is there a way I can do this where the text links to specified hoist data in a somewhat automated way? Maybe I have to type in the Hoist ID, but the rest of the the data then populates from the matching hoist? and then, is there a way I can easily print dozens-hundreds of these things straight from VWX? Seems a tall order, unless there's some way that's already sort of built in? do it through the cable labeling function somehow? Thank you!
  4. Thanks Pat. Baby steps. Copt that. I'll start chewing on this.
  5. Thanks guys I'll explore data tags. And point taken about the time-sink to go deep into this stuff. I'm going to keep learning this stuff though, because ultimately I want to build a plug in that I can give to people in the company that kind of does everything we do. Still trying to wrap my brain around how to get a custom tool to talk to another custom tool in a similar way to how the hoist and origin tool do it.
  6. Hey I'm getting into custom plugins, but I'm definitely still a beginner as a power user here, so I appreciate how helpful this forum as been already. Thanks ahead of time Pat. You're a godsend on this forum! What I'm trying to do: I'd like to make a data record than can reference the VW Hoist origin tool so that I can attach it to any symbol and snag coordinates for layout and reporting easily. I currently use the hoist tool to do this, but it really chugs VW when I've got 300 1/4x size hoist symbols attached to a complicated layout and the art director wants to see what the set looks like rotated just "this" much... And again... And again... and VW hangs for a minute each time, I'm guessing, because the hoist tool has a ton of back-end braceworks-related things it's trying to do every time I nudge a point around?
  7. That gives me a lot to play with Pat. Thank you.
  8. I'd like to be able to copy/paste a symbol that I've made and have the text be editable from the OIP. Bonus points if I can link that data for later reports. What I'm trying to do is make my engineering reports much quicker by being able to drag a symbol to everywhere I've made a connection or have a load, then populate the text as I calculate. My current method is to simply copy-paste and edit the text in the drawing each time, but this is slow and not attached to a record. Sorry if there are tutorials about this, I'm new to the power user side of VW. Much thanks!
  9. So, the 2021 hoist tool is a bummer. The legacy hoist tool was clunky, but we did have workarounds to get it to do layout and reporting data. I'm guessing the new hoist tool was designed to better integrate with Braceworks, which I and most people in my circle have no need for. There are several simple things that most of us need, which I can't imagine would hang up a system like the current hoist tools like to do. I need: 1. Hoist callsign (displayed on the hoist symbol) 2. Cartesian coordinates (that can interact with an origin) 3. one or three other text fields that I can define (as a text string) and place rather than searching through the OIP for the one or two criteria I actually need 4. A hoist report sheet that defaults to a preferable layout datum 5. Extra credit if some of these automatically count upward for me as I place more hoists (ie: I place a hoist and define it as "A1" then when I place the next hoist it's callsign auto-populates as "A2) And that's it. The new hoist tool is really obtuse for what we're trying to do and something with way less bloat and system hangs would be super-nice.
  10. @jcogdell I have, thank you. Formatting the VW sheet as a text string rather than an actual number seems to be the ticket. I really hope VW is talking to someone about the new hoist tool. Most people in my circle have abandoned it and installed the legacy hoist tool as a workaround.
  11. Thanks Pat. I couldn't get that to work the way I wanted, but I did find a workaround that might be a little more friendly to people like me (Knuckle-dragging riggers). I'll detail it here in case someone else runs into this issue. Also I appreciate your time. I see you solving problems all over this forum! Make a backup file in case you're polluting other departments with our whole inch "precision" First: File --> Document Settings --> Units "Decimal Precision" Dropdown menu: select "1" Hit "OK" Next: Spotlight --> Reports --> Create report Objects with Hoist record Add: "Origin X(formatted)" and "Origin Y(formatted)" Click on one of your adds and then click "Format Field" "Number Format" dropdown menu: Select "Text" Do this for both adds Now you can copy-paste into excel It's a pretty quick fix but damn...
  12. Hey guys I'm trying to make a layout datum in excel (basically X/Y columns in feet and whole inches) which used to be a very simple affair. Hoist report --> copy paste to excel and bob's your uncle. Now it looks like the hoist report function has been deleted in 2021?! OK, so I created a report for objects with a hoist record and that worked. But now when I copy paste to excel it pastes, not in feet and inches, but as a decimal string. It's displaying correctly in worksheets, but copy-pastes as a decimal in excel and google sheets. Very frustrating. Bonus topic: Am I missing something with the 2021 hoist stuff in general? It seems worse. More steps, less options, It lags my very fast system, which never happened with hoist in 2020 and there's some OIP stuff missing that I used to use. What's going on here?
  13. Wow. This is my first week active on this forum and you all are really coming through. All interesting fronts for me to explore. I think Sam Jones gave me the best option for my workflow. I'll sit down and make a template that I'll share with my guys. But Peter, I'm going to put wrapping my head around live data vis higher on my priority list. Seems like a powerful feature that I'd be the first in my circle to really grasp. Thank you all.
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