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  1. Hi Mark! I really like how you draw the boom with the arms, but I can't figure out how you do it. Could you share your technique? Thank you so much!
  2. In the first place, thanks for the quick reply, Jesse. I know. I have simply uploaded the images to compare how the beams are shown in the second and not in the first. The Pan and Tilt position of the fixtures is different in each image. I have uploaded the MVR file in which I have experienced the problem, the GDFT file of the fixture I have used and the Vectorworks file from which I have created it. Archivo comprimido 2.zip I hope you can discover the problem! Thank you!
  3. Hi, I have a problem to visualizing the light beams of GDFT Fixtures modes in Vision 2020. When I import an MVR file created from Vectorworks, the light beam of the GDTF fixtures is displayed or not depending of the pan and tilt position of the fixture. Then, I have uploaded two images and a video to explain the problem. In this example, I have mounted 5 Martin MAC 300 in 4 Vision mode and 2 Robe Robin LEDBeam 150 RGBW in reduced GDTF mode that I downloaded from gdtf-share.com. When I connect a lighting console ETC EOS using Artnet and turn on the fixtures in the Home position, the light beams are not displayed on the fixtures in GDTF mode. If I modify the pan and tilt position of the fixtures, the light beam is shown on some points. In the following video, It’s clearly seen how the light beams of the fixtures in GDTF mode appear and disappear while the tilt parameter is moved all the way. I have also turned on the MACs 300 in red to see if this also happens in the Vision library fixtures, but in this case it works correctly. Grabación de pantalla 2020-05-29 a las 12.47.24.mov This happens on any type of GDTF fixture that I import into Vision. What could be the problem? Is it a GDTF file problem or a Vision problem? Help me! Thank you very much.
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