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  1. Open your worksheet right on the grey area on the left side of the row right click. The option select item will pop up. This will bring you to the object in your drawing
  2. I don't think Vectorworks can do this. I'm using windows so when I want to do that I use the Snipping tool to take a screen shot of drawing 1 and then put it on my second monitor so that I can refer to while working on the other drawing 2.
  3. Kristen: Set the criteria in your worksheet to only look at the layers that you want to count the doors from.
  4. The overall line weight of a wall (outside line) is controlled by the wall class it is assigned to Wall-Exterior, Wall-Interior. The line weight of the components are set by the class they are assigned to in the wall styles set up. I usually set my Overall wall line thickness to a lighter line then set the structural component of my wall style to a thicker line.
  5. Tolu, The walls are all on the same layer, Some are Wall Exterior Class, and other are Wall Interior. Walls of the same class and different classes both come unjoined. The walls in the attached image were all joined the last time I looked at them.
  6. Look at the software that people use to do real-estate floor plans. I was using Chief Architect, a surface pro and a bluetooth laser measure. The walls in chief can be pushed by the dimension line input. So I would draw a wall then have the laser input the dimension to move the wall. There is other software out there that can do the same thing. So when I left the Site I already had my floor plan.
  7. I am also playing whack-a-mole rejoining walls. This happens when using project sharing, we have four people working on the same project. I have no idea what triggers the problem though.
  8. Boh, I get what you are doing. So the decision is stacked viewports which can sometimes be an issue one gets moved without the other, or having more Design Layer Viewports but then having the SLVP as a single object. I personally prefer to have as few Design Layer as I can in project.
  9. Why not stack your viewports. Viewport 1 level One, door class on, Viewport 2 Level Two door class off, Stack your viewports on top of each other.
  10. I'm also having trouble getting the updater working. I'm getting caught in an endless cycle of the screen that says "updater needs to refresh" Has anyone found a solution for this yet.
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