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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I checked that out and it does work, a couple more questions to follow on: Is there a way to import ALL plants into a working document so that I can quickly flick through to find something nice looking? Is there a way to set the side view as default in the viewer? otherwise I'm having to individually click the house symbol one at a time to change the view which is again rather tiresome.
  2. Thanks Jeremy, I did check these out, and they are great (so much better than the upright flat 2D ones), but with only 20 odd trees/plants in there it feels like a bit of a half-effort at best on VWs part to produce them. If there were more of these with commonly used plants in garden design it would be a superb addition to vectorworks overall offering. At the moment I find myself constantly frustrated with wanting to make good designs, having (relatively common) plants in mind and then them just not existing in VW. It then means I can't show anyone a 3D view of a design at all and have to rely on top plan only which is a real shame.
  3. Hi all, When placing plants, I'd like to be able to see a thumbnail of the 3D view of the plant, but it seems that it isn't available for some reason. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. If I select plant tool, then go to 'plant style' along the top bar to select a different plant, it opens something which looks a bit like the resource browser (but isn't, its the plant style library). I can see icons of various plants. If I click on one the enlarged 2D image appears in the top right thumbnail quick-viewer. There are greyed out options buttons for the other viewing options, but they can't be selected. Is this normal? It seems the only way to see the 3D image is to actually place the plant in the plan, or to separately go to resource browser and select a different view there (which is time consuming when you want to browse through plants to find something that looks a certain way) Screen shot below of what I see. These plants do definitely have a 3D texture, so I don't know why they can't be seen in the viewer.
  4. The plant graphics are generally fine from a front or side perspective, but can look poor quality when viewing from an isometric position. This includes things like items having a straight line base, which is then at a 45 degree angle on an isometric view making it look very unrealistic (see below screen shot and look at the base of the grass type plants). If plants could be set to a direction to face, and the 3D image locks to that, it might help. Or have genuine 3D models rather than 2D images like the current way, so that as you pan around them you actually see a different aspect of a plant rather than the same image just always facing you. As a side note, the shadow rendering on some of these items is also very poor; again see furthest left grass on this image, the shadow starts half way across the shape and is a straight line.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for some additional plant resources for VW 2020 as the default library seems quite limited. Specifically I'm looking for some 3D renders of trees in standard form, such as standard olives (olea euruopa), oleander and red robin (Photinia × fraseri). Does anyone know a good place to find such things for free (or at least at a reasonable price)? Cheers!
  6. Thanks Pat - I've used a slab and set the thickness to 1mm (seems you can't have zero thickness?). Seems to work ok. Before I use these more widely, is there anything worth noting about them which might be a limiting factor later on in terms of how they behave with other modes etc? On a related note, the available fill on top mode seems to be a different library to the render ones. In top plan I thought I'd use an 'image' to replicate the same render as that in 3D view. In 3D render I was using the 'landscape mulch RT' texture. That doesn't exist as a 2D image. Do I need to somehow replicate and import that as an image into the 2D library to be able to use it on the top plan view? Also, any idea why plants don't appear on top view (in original question)? Thanks again
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to design a garden border by a lakeside. I need to show a top plan view of the border, as well as an isometric view. At the moment I'm struggling to make something in VW which suits both purposes due to invisibility of items in different view modes. Isometric view seems ok. Its the top ones which are causing issues. In order to allow me to give the soil and water a texture, I've made them 0 height extrudes; however this means that on the top plan they are now just boxes with no fill. So I thought "maybe I'll just do top plan in 'top' view which means I can use a render mode, that way I'll be able to see the ground and water.". This solves one issue, but then brings in a new issue which is that in top view the plants then disappear! Argh! So question is - is there a way to either make extrudes have a fill in plan view, or is there a way to make plants appear in top view rendered? Images attached to highlight issues. Far from a finished design, I just threw a few plants on a bit of soil to demonstrate the issue.
  8. I take this request was never fulfilled? I'm also wanting to see rendered 3D objects in top plan level with a solid fill but can't find any way of doing it. Highly frustrating.
  9. Thanks Mike, that's really helpful. Got that working on my document now which is a great start! A further question if I may though - it seems that any colour fill of the radial shape just sits underneath it, rather than recognising the radial blocks. I was hoping to use one of the 'image' type shape fills to get a nice stone finish, but that ignores the radials. Is there any way of getting the fill to adjust to the radials (hope that question makes sense?). Otherwise looks like I'm limited to just filling it with a block colour.
  10. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply. I'm not familiar with pavers-radial joint pattern option. Please can you explain where to find that and how to use it?
  11. Hi all, I'm doing a garden design, currently doing top plan, but colour rendered. The design uses many circles and ideally I'd want the paving to follow the edge-line of the lawn to radiate as a circular pattern. At the moment I'm using an 'image' fill of a type of paving which I like. It is possible to somehow get it to shape other than straight lines? If so how do you do this please? I've attached an image. I'd like to make the paving at the bottom of the plan circular, following the curve of the lawn. I'd also like to be be able to do this for the level-change steps, and at the top area have that as a circular paving design. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  12. Hi all, I've extracting a vectorwork diagram (site design) to a PNG file, so that I can put it in a presentation. I've got different weight lines in the original, to show the difference between walls (heavier lines) and other things. When I extract the file to be an image it seems to make all the lines the same weight (about 0.5mm by the looks of it). Indeed other details also seem to be lost, for example I've got some decking down as a tile, which when you zoom in on vectorworks shows the gap between the panels as 2 separate lines, but on the extracted image makes them into one fat line (which looks terrible!) Has anyone else come across this issue or know how to fix it? I was hoping there might be some sort of setting which sets extraction to be more accurate, but I can't find anything that seems to help. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I'm fairly new to Vectorworks and using it to do garden design. At the moment I'm drawing an elevation perspective of a house. I'd like to be able to do a 'partial hatch' on the surfaces as I think it looks less busy and more artistic than having full coverage. I've attached a couple of examples; one with full hatching in vectorworks, and one with brick details just in some places, i.e. corners etc. I'm conscious the latter one is hand-drawn, but wanted to see if that type of effect could be made in vectorworks, without having to do it manually by drawing each brick? Thanks!


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