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  1. Anyone had this issue before? we hav a site plan which we have referenced all our house types into to create the site plan. However when i updated the references the viewports of the houses all shot miles off the page in no particular direction as shown. Any ideas? (On the image the loci in the middle is the site plan and the loci around the edge is where the referenced house type viewports ended up.)
  2. Thanks @Matt Panzer this is a good work around for now!
  3. @JuanP Thank you but unfortunately that doesn't solve the issue, I probably should have been more clear on my first post. The issue is the detail at low level in 2019 and 2020 are completely different. Is there any way to change this and keep wall components hidden without having to change each door? (areas that have changed indicated by red arrows) We would like to be able to replicate 2019 low level detail in 2020, at the moment we are having to export back to 2019 just to achieve this.
  4. I have had a similar issue before, this is due to the drawing being very far away from the internal origin. Try moving the whole drawing back to the internal origin (0,0) and this should resolve the issue
  5. Is there a way to get the automatic detail level of doors and windows to show as it was in 2019, with the walls blacked out so to not see their components. Without having to go into every single door on every project to achieve this. It worked perfectly in 2019 as shown but in 2020 the doors and windows show basically no detail at all when the walls are blacked out.
  6. All of my roofs on my site plan that are referenced in are not showing and simply showing as white boxes, anyone else had this issue? any way to fix it?
  7. I am trying to move our standard notes that we use around the office and put them into a database using the General Notes tool. When pasting text into the database it works fine and i can add it to the drawing, as soon as i try a second time the note i created has dissapeared. This is on the same drawing whilst saving it to the data base txt file. I can also see it in the txt file but it doesn't appear in vectorworks. Is there a list of symbols or things that can't be used in the Note Manager Database? such at - or @? Is there a word limit for each individual text option? Any guidance would help as it isn't really explained anywhere ūüėē
  8. @cberg Absolute Legend. As soon as i moved the model back to the origin everything worked perfectly. Thank you!
  9. Currently trying to use the AEC create roof command. Which I have used used multiple times before, however in this instance when I use the command the roof is generated in 2D perfectly fine, but in 3D it is invisible. It still says it is there and I can select it and change the roof angle and modifiers but is not shown in 3D. Anyone know why this could be? Using Vectorworks 2018 with the latest service pack (SP3)


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