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  1. ...Or what about placing a Data Tag on the title block that returns the Time Stamp Long?
  2. @Peter Neufeld When in need of date and time info on the "non-print" side of a sheet, we have used the stand alone Data Stamp tool. Drop it on the bottom left corner of a sheet layer and it prints in the border to let you know what drawing was used to create the file and what time it was created. Not a Title Block but perhaps an enhancement request can get it incorporated.
  3. @MultipleWays Another work around in a single cell... Add a Leader or Trailer in the Cell Formatting?
  4. @Hamo Glad its back. hope it stays. Technology is weird sometimes.
  5. @Pat Stanford Thanks for the simple script and work around. Document Preferences is set to Adjust Flipped Text, that it "fixes" all flipped text boxes. With the Document Preference ON to adjust, all text boxes flipped, mirrored, or rotated gets fixed to the correct view orientation. Permanently. Turning OFF the Document Preference AFTER making flipped text does not change or adjust the existing text. It only impacts future text adjustments. VP Advanced Settings only adjust text boxes that is made while the Document Preference is OFF. Text Inside a Symbol DOES NOT get "Fixed" while Document Preference is ON. The text in the symbol appears correct while the Document Preference is ON. Turning the Document Preference OFF after flipping symbols that contain text will revert the orientation of the text. (Not the same behavior as text boxes) Mention this since I was attempting to get text to read upside down in a VP on a drawing. (Plan in the middle and elevations drawn on all 4 sides aligned with the plan) Turned OFF the VP Advanced Setting for Flipped Text and then had to tweak/rotate/mirror a few notes symbols to get them to display correctly.
  6. If my brain is working properly... FILE A has Design Layer Viewports that are made up of layers in FILE A. You want FILE B to reference FILE A and show the Layer with the Design Layer Viewports. If you set the Referencing Method in the Organization Window to Use Design Layer Viewports and then follow the instructions for Referencing Layer Geometry it should work. That is, IF my brain is working properly. More questions? Not working? Pose a new question?
  7. You must change the Document Preference BEFORE creating the Flipped Text. If you have the Document Preference Set to Adjust Flipped Text, the text it creates is "fixed" for the life of the text. Once you turn the preference OFF, new text will respect the flipped orientation, left, right, backward, upside down and backward... If you then VP the flipped around text, and set the Advanced properties to Adjust Flipped Text, you will see the change.
  8. @Hamo Did your Workspace Change for some reason?
  9. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov The trace bitmap is perhaps helpful for logos or non technical drawings. For linework on a plan, elevation or detail, something like Scan2CAD capabilities would be amazing. Not tracing the outside of the lines but creating the lines themselves. https://www.scan2cad.com/ While nowhere near perfect, this software has the ability to "convert" a line instead of "tracing" both sides. #JusSayin Untitled.dwg
  10. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Upon further review... While the conversion is better with fewer anomalies, for the most part, this type of conversion for raster PDF files is not much use. None of the lines are really usable. Perhaps there is another solution in the works in lieu of the enhanced Trace Bitmap?
  11. Will this new tool be Available in VW 2021?
  12. Night Owl. https://nightowl.kramser.xyz/ Free. Comes with a Menu Bar Icon. Lets you set any app to run opposite of your main settings. There are other apps. Stopped trying them when this one worked
  13. Done to accommodate the Dark Mode on the Mac platform. #SoI'veBeenTold
  14. @Harald Yes...but... VW allows the install on 2 machines. Their activation process remembers your machine log in for 90 days (so I have been told) When a user has a laptop at home and an iMac in the office with their licence number installed and we purchase a new iMac (or laptop) we have had to call VW and "ask for forgiveness" to allow us to install a licence on the new machine. (a third machine for the next 90 days) We only are using the installed software on 2 machines but VW temporarily sees 3 logged machines for about 90 days. #YourMileageMayVary
  15. @livespace josha Exactly. None and Dimension are fixed. Show up in every file. If you delete a class and reassign any objects using that class to the new assignment, the class will vanish. If you then turn around and import a standard symbol again, you get the class back again. Unless your Document Settings are adjusted. Killing Classes and New classes showing up unannounced is also a tracking nightmare when you already have VP's that use the class you want to delete/replace. Not sure that there is an easy "fix" to manage classes because we keep a fairly tight leash on the naming but without fail, someone will copy a symbol from an old file that is drawn with classes not in the current document and the question always comes up, "Where is the thing I just drew in the VP?"
  16. Control them by turning off the Document Preference for Standard Naming... You can set up your own standards if you wish. Not sure why you can't delete classes. If the Class exists in the file, simple right click on the Class in the Navigation Palette and select Delete. If the Class is being used in the document, reassign objects to another existing class.
  17. @Chris Morrison You don't with the PIO. You have to break the PIO into pieces and make a symbol. Probably a good candidate for a wish list item. The legs and pedestal options for round tables are also not quite right.
  18. @rmorris6 Does this happen in a new Blank file or an existing file? Not seeing the crash in either existing or new. Can add, delete, duplicate and rename without issue in the Organization palette. I only have VW 2020 SP2 - Architect however (519614) Didn't know SP3 was out yet. That may be your issue?
  19. @Marco Zavagno Well, the app is a solution to your original question. Didn't understand your IT constraints. Guess you will have to stay on the Dark side. #MayTheForceBeWithYou 😉
  20. There is a app on the Mac that lets you switch individual apps light or dark. https://nightowl.kramser.xyz/ Free. Seems to work so far. #JusSayin
  21. @mac@stairworks Not seeing the white box that you are. All seem to load up a full view. 2D and 3D seem to be working. REstart VW?
  22. Jonathan, Thanks for the suggestion. What happened was that layers were added after the VP creation and the new layers would not sort in the proper order. Since the VP's are for multiple floors with different layers for some of the VP's, I changed the settings slightly and got a solution. If you uncheck "Layer Visibility" and only have "Layer Overides" selected, it does exactly what I need. Revert the Stacking on one VP, then pick up and then select ALL the VP's and Put Down. ALL of the VP's keep their layer visibility but revert the stacking order. Never would have thought to try this. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.
  23. Jonathan, Is there a way to do this for multiple VP's? If you select 2 VP's the option goes away, even if the layers used in the VP are the same. I have 12 VP's on 6 sheets and they all are out of order. Hoping there is a quick fix.
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