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  1. Hi ALL, I need to make up construction drawings for the above, has anyone had experience of the material as there does not seem to be a resource for it at all. Also any wall construction detail help would be good, ie correct scale an bed depths, soldier courses as i don't really want to be drawing every brick! Regards Stuart
  2. Stu Wilson

    Planting Plans..

    Just to give you an idea the size of the site im dealing with., I have attached the drawing. The ability to plant directly from the VW plant database would be a massive time saving..... HAR-LAN-18017-XX-XX-XX GA-LANDSCAPING 30:4:19.pdf
  3. Stu Wilson

    Planting Plans..

    Think I have it sorted with that method Uglycat... thanks How do I change the font and font style for the plant tags/labels so they sit with the current RHS nomenclature standards... E.g: Acer japonicum 'Kings Copse' Achillea millefolium 'Rougham Cream' Please say this is possible as it also throws the font for the entire drawing out too...
  4. Stu Wilson

    Planting Plans..

    Hi Guys, I am after circles only, linked at centres, I don't need any funny shapes or outlines. See attached image of how a planting plan should look. Will this also create a plant schedule for me to add to the drawing?
  5. Stu Wilson

    Planting Plans..

    Hi Guys, I want to create a traditional planting plan that adheres to a few guidelines, not using the really bad plant symbols VW currently uses. From what I have seen I have to draw a circle, then make it a plant/edit contents, then find it in the resource browser, then use that plant, then modify any labels.... Is there a way of choosing a plant from the main database and planting it on a drawing...as a normal black circle and a label? Many thanks SW
  6. Stu Wilson

    Scale Bar

    Hi Tamsin, Something like the attached would be great....
  7. Stu Wilson

    Scale Bar

    Hi All, Im struggling with the clunky look of the scale bars in VW, has anyone got any hints to make them look a lot better?
  8. Hi All, Trying to get a picket fence to work in the fence/railing tool and it seems to be impossible to get right at all..!! End up with all sorts of irrelevant options etc... Any ideas on how to get this to work ? Thanks S
  9. Stu Wilson

    Plant Data Base

    Hi All, I am trying to search for plants that are in there plant database but do not show up un the resource browser.... anywhere! Only the really basic stuff! Usually I do manual entries on planting plans but I'm keen to use this database and explore the planting element in VW2017. Any help would be great thanks!
  10. Solved the download issue... now only the zoom and crash issue that is causing a major headache!
  11. Hi Jim, Please see attached report. Regards SW iMac report.spx
  12. Very briefly I'm running VW17 sp5..... Sent me email asking to upgrade... didn't take up the offer then this starts to happen: Library vanishes and can't download or update the library as it hangs for ever snd you have to force quit... Zoom in our out and to crashes.... They are not being helpful saying we need to buy a service pack yet the i had an engineer take over my screen for 3 hours and could find the fault!! Clearly its not fit for purpose outside a years warranty.... don't the UK have a mandatory 5 year guarantee under sales of goods act or has this changed!! Any ideas on points 1 and 2 would be appreciated. SW
  13. Stu Wilson

    Fence to follow sloping site

    Top vertices? have absolutely no idea what that means... at all ! lol
  14. Stu Wilson

    Fence to follow sloping site

    Hi Guys, Any ideas on how to put a fence into a site to follow the contours of the ground that slopes away from a building..... as most fences are in real life not infact, single perfectly level lines Vectorworks seems to work in!! Any help would be greatly appreciated Stu
  15. Stu Wilson

    Planting Help

    Hi Guys, I am trying to produce a planting plan where the plants are placed as a round circles, the 2d graphics for plants in Vectorworks are utterly hideous 90% of the time. Also is there a way to select a plant directly from the plant database in conjunction with the what I'm trying to achieve above. Regards Stu


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