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  1. Hi All, Does anyone have any resource for the above that work well in VW? Struggling to find anything.. Thanks in advance Stu
  2. Trying to import the attached into my VW20 drawing at 1:200 When I do it the entire site is 78mm across, any ideas as to why and what is going wrong? Regards Stu CADOGAN HOUSE JUNE 21.vwx 2113321-Topo_03-2D-M-May21-RevA.dwg
  3. Hi All.. Happy New Year...!! Trying to import the attached and its causing so many problems, nothing seems to work and stuff is all over the place !! 1st day back to this nightmare ! Any help would be great, thanks. Stu 20-490 005 SITE LEVEL STRATEGY_04JAN2021.zip
  4. they are all on the same sheet... I have no idea about the second part of your question.
  5. Hi All, Running a report for a playlist and it seems to miss half the plants that are on the drawing. Any ideas on what could be happening?
  6. For the money, despite all the clever stuff it does, when it comes to actually winning the work i.e: the concept stage presentation, it's dead last. I think I've edited everything I drop on a plan drawing with colour and transparency to get something that doesn't look like sketch up in 2005. Luckily there are 3rd party companies that can produce the initial concepts based on dwg's and my input that will win you the work..!!
  7. This is also Stipa tenuissima..... with a purple flower, the correct plant is real life image..!
  8. Similar to what I have found works, with an edit of a circle or black and white entourage plant and develop your own library..!! Planting plans are only ever circles (to scale for each plant) or shapes inside a bed layout with a number of plants per m2 for that area, anything else would be rejected by every local planning authority, tender package or educational authority in the UK I would be inclined to set a drawing standard for VW to follow, and also have a traditional colour palette for drawings as the current settings have zero finesse.
  9. and miscanthus has never been blue...!
  10. Does anyone have links to trees that look remotely like the real thing...... The rendering of plants and trees is pretty poor, as the attached shows no resemblance to any Prunus serrulata on earth !
  11. 3 times today now....
  12. Any having random crashes when you are not even using VW after the Catalina 10.15.5 update ?
  13. yeah great.. the online content is not the same as what is located there, which is why the other machine looks nothing like this one!
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