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  1. DBruhnke

    Viewports and design layer order

    Jonathan, Thanks for the suggestion. What happened was that layers were added after the VP creation and the new layers would not sort in the proper order. Since the VP's are for multiple floors with different layers for some of the VP's, I changed the settings slightly and got a solution. If you uncheck "Layer Visibility" and only have "Layer Overides" selected, it does exactly what I need. Revert the Stacking on one VP, then pick up and then select ALL the VP's and Put Down. ALL of the VP's keep their layer visibility but revert the stacking order. Never would have thought to try this. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.
  2. DBruhnke

    Viewports and design layer order

    Jonathan, Is there a way to do this for multiple VP's? If you select 2 VP's the option goes away, even if the layers used in the VP are the same. I have 12 VP's on 6 sheets and they all are out of order. Hoping there is a quick fix.


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