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  1. Actually tried that but then had issues with colors and intensity. With some of the other comments, might give the clip cube another shot with a combo. Thanks
  2. Thanks Tom, That sounds like another option.
  3. Thanks Hans. Will give that a whirl and let you know. Part of my issue will be having everything in 3D but I knew that was comimg
  4. Client has asked for a drawing similar to the attached. It shows what appears to be a horizontal cross section of a plan in black and white with shadows for all objects. How does one accomplish this easily in Vectorworks?
  5. Client has asked for a drawing similar to the attached. It shows what appears to be a horizontal cross section of a plan in black and white with shadows for all objects. How does one accomplish this easily in Vectorworks?
  6. @gmcintyre You have to "hover" around the edge of the drawing. Attempted to show in the attached. Questions? Scroll VW.mov
  7. @zoomer Have never tried/used/selected the Use Symbol Geometry option. Never quite understood the reason/rationale. According to VW Help... Select Use Symbol Geometry and click Browse to select a door symbol. Click the Symbols selector. From the Resource Selector, double-click a different symbol to apply it. The symbol Name displays in the Door Settings dialog box and the preview is updated with the selected symbol. When a symbol is selected, all fields pertaining to the door’s geometry are disregarded; however, parametric values are still available for scheduling and reporting purposes only. By selecting the Use Symbol Geometry, the OIP values DO NOT adjust the PIO for Width, Height, Angle, etc.? And schedules display the OIP values? Talk about confusing. And I'm not seeing the symbols listed during a Purge.
  8. @Clint Alderman Appears to be a windows only thing. Can you publish individual files and then combine until fixed?
  9. Pretty sure it's a Windows thing only Bug. Not seeing that on the Mac side.
  10. My bad. Thought this was providing the updater only, not the VW installer itself.
  11. @Donald Wardlaw Did you try here... https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/product-updates?version=2019
  12. @Andy Broomell Flipped Symbols should behave like regular symbols. Thanks for pointing out what causes this. Seeing this behavior on a test file once the symbols are flipped. This feels like a bug. This should be on the wish list at a minimum
  13. @Donald Wardlaw Current version... Vectorworks 2019-SP6-522773 Chinese characters? RUN AWAY! Hopefully the virus scan came up empty.
  14. Very Old School. Detail Number from the sheet you are on and then the first location that the detail was keyed in. Gives you the ability to see the detail and then find where the detail exists in the project. You don't have to explose anything. Just edit the one you have. Either in the VP Annotations space or place a new one on the Sheet or Design Layer. Not automatic but...#WhatAreYaGonnaDo?
  15. @R Buckingham Just downloaded these 2 files and they open in VW 2020 fine. Both have symbols in them. What are you looking for exactly?
  16. @Andy Broomell Having the same results as you Andy. Have a pretty good feeling that it will be fixed in the next Service Pack. 😉 #JusSayin
  17. @timtimtimtim Have you tried simply adding the Zero in front of the first digit in the sequence? If you add 2 zeros, it will pad out up to 100.
  18. That's odd behavior. Not seeing that on this end. Cut Plan above still shows them filled.
  19. @TomWhiteLight 58 is surprising? Damn... As Architects doing tenant interiors and base buildings, we have a tenant standard template start point with 50 Design Layers and 235 Classes. Many files get upward of 100 layers. Classes do not increase significantly over the life of a file.
  20. @Andy Broomell If you change from a Hatch to a solid color is it showing properly? Is your hatch small enough to be seen on a 2" x 6" rectangle?
  21. Not if you have all the objects selected first. I've become a big fan of the right click on a class in the Navigation Palette and "Assign to Selection". No picking up attributes required. #JusSayin #TooManyOptions?
  22. Even if you say NO to the dialog... THAT has got to be a Bug, right?
  23. @halfcouple Not seeing this in VW 2020. If I change the sort, it remembers it thru the session. After a quit of the application, it reverts to sorting by the stacking order. Mac running OS 10.15.3
  24. @Diamond Undo's can be a memory hog. Had a user complaining that they had constant beachballs. Come to find out they had set the Undo to the maximum of 100. Changed that to 25 and "changed" their workflow to not need that many undo operations and bye bye beachballs. #Technology
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