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  1. Is there anyway to show the 'reverse id' on a detail callout? ie, to show what cross-section and page it is referenced from?
  2. Thanks all. I will try the data tags. File attached as requested 31 Mariners Cove, McDonald House.vwx
  3. Seems strange that the eyedrop can change the default Class setting not just the item you apply it to
  4. Is anyone else having issues with window ID's showing up reversed on the elevation viewports when using WinDoor? When I go to the floor plan layer in the model it shows correctly. Ive attached two images, screenshots, one of the viewport with the reversed ID, the other of the model showing the correct ID orientation.
  5. Clumsy fingers are always a possibility although Ive never had it happen before and i don't 'nudge' objects. I will pay more attention and see if it is something like that. Thanks Pat
  6. Is anyone else having issues with the default class changing to random classes? Typically I work in 'none', then change as required but in the last week I've noticed the class changes to all sorts of random classes with no warning. Im using VW 202-SP 3 windows Thanks Matt Hagen
  7. Thanks Zoomer. I tried an earlier backup file also. It had the same result
  8. Hi I was rendering a file and Vectorworks crashed. Now when I open the back up file, it almost opens then crashes again. Any ideas on how to stop this please?Victoria St Hotel v3 v2021-Backup-20201126092852.vwx
  9. Thank you so much. Any chance you can apply that fix to the other 3 floors Ive attached this time please? BLK 27 - Level 1.dwg BLK 27 - Level 2.dwg BLK 27 - Level 3.dwg
  10. In trying to import a DWG file, the cladding tags are importing as symbols and changing the last letter/number in each tag to a different font and italics. Is there a way to ungroup all the symbols so I can change the text style and font type or an import setting I can change? BLK 27 - Ground Floor.dwg BLK 27 - Ground Floor.dwg
  11. Is there a way to extend the stair handrail at the landing? Under the OIP it gives the option to extend at the top, and at the bottom, but not at the midfloor Thanks
  12. Excellent, thats solved the DWG export lag thank you. When I originally set up the WinDoor schedule it had about 40 copies of each window/door, so I was trying different ways to sort it. Thats why there are so many windoor schedules
  13. Exporting to DWG is still taking forever. It seems sheet A601 & A009 are part of the issue (Level 2) When I export, it gets stuck at 9%
  14. Thanks Mihail, Ive assigned the floor slabs to BASEFLOOR and SLAB but they still arent showing up in the IFC model. When I reimport the IFC model into Vectorworks it comes up with the following:
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