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  1. Hey All, Thanks for helping me figure this out! The nested symbols weren't flipped and the behavior continued even after re-starting vectorworks. Choosing Top Level from the Modify Menu took me to the Top Level, as expected. However, this morning, I opened VW, let it run the updater and that seems to have solved the problem. Sometimes Vectorworks jut needs to take a vector-nap, I guess.
  2. Hi All, I'm having a problem when I try to edit a symbol that is nested inside another symbol. Every time I edit a symbol and then exit, I am taken to the top layer, rather than the layer the symbol was in. This is particularly annoying since my file has a lot of imported DWGs, so there are tons of symbols inside symbols inside symbols. I've tried using both the Exit Symbol button at the top and the Exit Symbol action in the Modify Menu. Same deal. I'd prefer not to fall back on Cmd+K and Ungroup, it is nice to have them contained as Symbols. I'm sure this is just a weird preferences setting somewhere but I'm not sure how to change it. Thanks!
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