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  1. Can I just add my logo to an existing sheet style accessible via the title block border tool? that would also work for me.
  2. Gentlemen, I have just upgraded to VWA2023 from VWA2010. I started using VW before viewports, etc. came and have been using VW the old way with layer scales, separate files and so on. I have a standard sheet which I would like to be available for all sheets. How do I get this sheet into VW so that when I place new viewports on a new sheet this sheet can be called up. Thanks for your help.
  3. Art, No, I'll try that, but how do I convert the roof object into a solid?
  4. Art, I searched the forum for "mansard " and the best method was given by Matt Panzer to create a roof object then overlay a rectangle, select both and use "Clip Surface" from the modify menu. This returns a message that objects are not compatible. Perhaps this method does not work on my older version (architect 2010) Still searching..
  5. I am trying to model a simple mansard around the perimeter of a 50' x 100' building with a flat roof and can't seem to get it using the polygon to roof tool. does anyone know a simple way to do this?
  6. I am revising my stationary and was wondering if there is a way to "autoclass" text making it automatically default to a text class?
  7. Jonathan, I did not know the revision cloud was able to do this, how is it done?
  8. found the problem - my wife was usnig the internet on the laptop when I tried to open VW. Even though VW on the laptop was not open with the bluetooth it found the Imac with VW and would not allow it to open. Solution: Kicked wife off the internet and laptop.
  9. When I try to open any vectorworks file I get a message box which says another computer on the network is using the serial number version and only one computer at a time can use the number. I am not on any network, there is no network. I do have VW loaded on a laptop in another room but it is not on. This just started happening - Help I need to get work done!
  10. Question: If I import a pdf file into a vectorworks file and then export the vw file to dwg is the whole file an editable dwg file in autocad? Has anyone ever tried this?
  11. I found the answer, roof object has to have a fill, without it the window won't insert.
  12. Did that, did not work..2d/3d window symbol just sits there..
  13. This may be a basic question but I can't seem to make a roof dormer nor insert a window into it. The directions in the VW "how to" don't seem to work. I have created the roof and the 2d/3d window but the "edit roof elements" dialog does not appear..HELP and be very specific and step by step.
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