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  1. I am revising my stationary and was wondering if there is a way to "autoclass" text making it automatically default to a text class?
  2. Jonathan, I did not know the revision cloud was able to do this, how is it done?
  3. found the problem - my wife was usnig the internet on the laptop when I tried to open VW. Even though VW on the laptop was not open with the bluetooth it found the Imac with VW and would not allow it to open. Solution: Kicked wife off the internet and laptop.
  4. When I try to open any vectorworks file I get a message box which says another computer on the network is using the serial number version and only one computer at a time can use the number. I am not on any network, there is no network. I do have VW loaded on a laptop in another room but it is not on. This just started happening - Help I need to get work done!
  5. Question: If I import a pdf file into a vectorworks file and then export the vw file to dwg is the whole file an editable dwg file in autocad? Has anyone ever tried this?
  6. I found the answer, roof object has to have a fill, without it the window won't insert.
  7. Did that, did not work..2d/3d window symbol just sits there..
  8. This may be a basic question but I can't seem to make a roof dormer nor insert a window into it. The directions in the VW "how to" don't seem to work. I have created the roof and the 2d/3d window but the "edit roof elements" dialog does not appear..HELP and be very specific and step by step.
  9. I am in the process of trying to model an 8 story building with a curtainwall skin for most of the facade. No matter how I try I can't seem to get the curtainwall portions to model correctly, especially the horizontal portions and spandrel panel elements. If anyone has done this sort of thing I would love to know how these can be handled.
  10. Got the designjet 111 with 24" roll feed- excellent color & black quality, easy set up, drivers for everyone, paid just under $700. Highly recommended if you don't need larger than 24 x 36 output.
  11. Pat, Yes it would but when I have done this in the past I needed to be able to work on the file. My VWA 8.5 was highly customized over the years and some things were easier done with it, plus the plotter and OS 9.2.2. I don't plan on having to do this again as new plotter is on the way and everything else has been upgraded.
  12. As an aside I have also found that saving a VW2010 file onto a thumb drive in dwg 14 format will allow the file to be opened in VW8.5; I needed to do this to plot some files on an old plotter not compatible with OS10.6.
  13. I too recently upgraded from 8.5 to 2010 Mac VW and needed to update some active jobs. This is how I did it: 1. Saved files for update on thumb drive and plugged into new computer. 2. Opened drive and selected file to be updated - right click and selected VW2010 from pop-up "Open With" menu. 3. VW2010 launched the 8.5 file, then saved it as 2010 file. Note: Just clicking on the 8.5 file will not launch 2010 for some reason. You may also try opening VW2010, selecting "new" in the file menu, navigating to the desired 8.5 file, then "open" to launch the file. Either way it is a tedious chore if there are many files to upgrade. Good Luck.
  14. The recent HP design jet 111 model, 24" output with roll feed is an excellent machine for about $900.00 A friend just got one (autocad & PC) which I went to see in action and the output in black & white or color was very good for cad line work and color fills & hatches. Much quicker than my 330, and since I'm on a Mac, comes with SL driver. I plan on getting one very soon.


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