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  1. jcosgrove

    VW 2019 -- BEWARE Upgrade

    I am using 2019 with Mac OS high Sierra... .I have had trouble with panning and zooming in viewports. It was creating ghost images. Pat Stanford suggested I change my graphics preferences which I did. That seems to have solved the problem. I will heed the warning NOT to upgrade to MOJAVE just yet.
  2. jcosgrove

    Custom Window Sash tool options

    Great- Thanks!! Is that an add-on or plugin? How do I get that?
  3. jcosgrove

    Custom Window Sash tool options

    How do I get a 4" wide sash around the perimeter of of window opening using the custom sash options? When I try to add it, I get 4" sash between every muntin. I made the muntins 4" wide to simulate the sash pattern in between and thats not right either. Also when I try making the jamb 4" wide, to simulate a 4" sash all around, it does not sit in the 12" thick wall properly. This is an existing location with a wood sash pattern, but should I just simulate it with the CURTAIN WALL TOOL instead? Thanks Judy d
  4. Is there a way to set a default style for a viewport label? Specifically for Font Style, line weight, bubble scale factor, Drawing # size, and Title Text size?


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