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How do I get a 4" wide sash around the perimeter of of window opening using the custom sash options? When I try  to add it,  I get 4" sash between every muntin. I made the muntins 4" wide to simulate the sash pattern in between and thats not right either. Also when I try making the jamb 4" wide, to simulate a 4" sash all around,  it does not sit in the 12" thick wall properly. This is an existing location with a wood sash pattern, but should I just simulate it with the CURTAIN WALL TOOL instead? 








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@jcosgrove Hi i know this is no help but the AUS/NZ windoor tool creates these windows and many more options. Maybe one day it will be included in the World VW rollout.



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Hi @jcosgrove Windoor as it is called has only been available to those in NZ and Australia.  So unless you got your license thru there, there is no way to get it unfortunately.

The rest of us have been waiting and waiting to get our hands on it.  :S

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I have not had time to play with the Custom Sash, but I came pretty close using the standard options.



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