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  1. @Benson ShawThanks, sorted it, didnt see the more options first time around like learning a new language, more tutorials­čĄ¬
  2. @Benson Shaw Hi Benson, did all that , just ended up with this report Unable to figure out how to hide those five rows (or what they represent)
  3. @Benson Shaw Thanks Again as you pointed out I'm getting six lines of areas in the worksheet, I'm just using the volumetric properties and manually entering the value into a tag atm. Cant get Data tag to read the nurb surface, will explore that.
  4. Hi Benson This seems to be a good option for me, and I'm sure will get quicker. How would I report the area of the sail, i cant seem to find that information for the surface?
  5. @Benson Shaw Thanks for this, will try this method and get back to you. Appreciate the help, like all programs there is many ways to get the outcome, just have to work out what's best option
  6. Thanks for the response Zoomer Subdivisions looks like it will do the job quite well. Lots to get my head around
  7. Hi all Trying to find best method of creating shade sails, generally four points at different heights. With curvature between points. Coming from Revit background had a few options using using floor or roof and adding heights at corners (this gave a fairly good outcome) using 2021 and I'm a newbie at vectorworks, any help much appreciated
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