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  1. Restating did not work. Changing preference to "good performance , good compatibility" worked to solve the issue. When it was happening, it was set on "best performance" . I didn't have to go down to " best compatibility" like jco. I don't notice any performance between the two settings BTW.
  2. Noticed that I had a Mojave update to do. Did that, but didn't help. Tried jcosgrove's solution (set to good "performance and compatibility") and it worked. Thanks Jco!
  3. My file started to have ghosted versions of of what I was seeing receding into the Top/Plan view (getting progressively lighter and smaller) and advancing (getting larger and progressively lighter) It jumps around with zooming. It seems to happen after a fillet command. It happens to All content / layers / views. Restarted VW --still happened. Started a blank file, threw in some rectangles and filleted some corners --happened. Running VW2019. After it happened, I searched for an update, and saw there was a service pack. Installed SP1.1. --Still happening! On Mac, Mojave. Attached images is of the rectangles. Actual rectangles are selected (orange), the rest keep ghosting back until the fade. Also attached VW file. Please help, as with a real drawing , I literally can't tell what's what. Rec_problem.vwx
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