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  1. This seems to be an ongoing problem, but it can be resolved. I've experimented with colleagues and different import/export settings. I've managed, usually easily to get complex VWX models into AutoCAD. It does take some trial and error Sometimes, but this looks like it should be easy enough.
  2. When I want this effect, I create a large cyc (or cyclorama) for the background, generally black or white with a certain amount fo gloss. Not rue black or white, but a light or very dark gray. Cyc is generally and entertainment specific term, but I have a solid that consists of two walls and a floor. The corner (between the walls and between the walls and floor) are 'coves' like a cove moulding, just a sweep.
  3. Although the videos heighten reality from time to time, have you tried an FQR rendering?
  4. Sounds like the extrusions would need a transparent texture applied. For the joinery, you might need a second texture and a Class override to use the transparent text in the Viewport.
  5. I have this written out somewhere, but off of the top of y head, you need a camera or perspective view, Not Orthogonal is important. You shouldn't have to select the objects, you're exporting from the view. Web View only support openGL rendering. You do need to have the view rendered when exporting
  6. Are you usingWeb view or export panorama?
  7. don't use black for the black. Use 80-90% gray. Not much, if any gloss
  8. I think that Wall Objects should have a number of trim options including wainscoting, raised panels, recessed panels, crown moulding and the like. Plus more modern finishes. These things are currently not possible without additional, more complex modeling. There's a VE here.
  9. If I am picturing what you want, either a Subdivision object or Revolve with Rail
  10. If anything, Sketch-Up seldom adds anything. A SU model gives me, generally, something to trace once I correct the scale.Additionally, I don't know if this an application issue, or a user issue, but I find SU models are generally inaccurate and imprecise.
  11. Trace is and re-model. Looks like it's just and extrude along path, with the path possibly being a NURBS Curve. Not sure, but the verticals might all be the same, make a symbol and reuse.
  12. Well lookie there! So, setting peaks seems to be through Curved Wall Fir dim.I would have assumed a tighter dim for a better fit.
  13. I saw this issue in 2019. Now I am using a Subdivision object, but Fit Walls to Object should work. Tiki fit test.vwx
  14. Feel free to post your file, or some bits of it for use to look at.
  15. Those spheres are chrome? Maybe turn off cast shadows and add another sphere inside with a glow, but lower the percentage.
  16. What do you have when you hit Edit next to Glow? What does the geometry look like rendered, and what are you looking to achieve?
  17. what are your settings for the texture object? In general, a glow texture, emitting light works best behind another solid object.
  18. Does the texture on the deck have 'cast shadows" checked off in it's definition? Possibly you are using the default instrument color (black) on the stage deck?
  19. How big is your original file. I work in iOS, but I gather everything is the same. I've had minimal issues with the AR and the Panorama, and my issues were operator errors.
  20. Thanks, I searched hospital not medical, still not what I necessarily need.
  21. I know I can go to 3D Warehouse, but I'm always suspicious. Anyone have a 3D model of a hospital bed, ideally with some medical gear as well?
  22. I was going to argue that I think you should be working in scale, but thought you had your preference...


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