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  1. It would be great to have a way to tell if a file had been copy/pasted from another or if pieces (like lighting instruments) had been pasted straight in. Maybe there is some sort of digital signature that tells us from which file it originated or something. As a professor, I'm often trying to gauge if a student turned in something that is not theirs or if they copy/pasted a large part of a light plot, etc. I like the idea of this being a bit incognito too so that as a professor I could quietly check it when they turn in their VW file.
  2. I just found this helpful insight. However it doesn't seem like the "soft focus" shows in fast renderworks or final renderworks. So trying to have a shutter cut with a piece of "frost" in the unit so that the beam is soft doesn't seem possible. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you for the help.
  3. Thank you! 2.6.1 of Nomad seems to control Vision just fine. There were a few hiccups, but it seems to be okay.
  4. uh oh. Do you mean that "Eos ETCnomad MAC Software v2.6.0" will not work with Vision? I teach this in the fall so I need it to work. If so, is there an older version available that I can give to the students to make it work?
  5. Thanks for this information. Any update on the Mac version, Ed? I have now tried both without a Dongle, with a Dongle, and even a gadget for good measure. lol. I've tried setting it to Artnet and sACN, but to no avail. I would love to know if it works without a Dongle because I would like to teach it to my students. If it flashes, I can deal with that. I just want to teach basic previs, but I'm still stuck. Any advice would be lovely. Thank you, Anne
  6. I'm trying to run Vision on my Mac using Nomad on the same machine. According to Vectorworks this is not recommended because it can be slow, but it is not impossible. However, I'm unclear how to connect the two so that the Nomad controls Vision. (Btw, I don't have a Nomad dongle... just using the free download.) Has anyone does this and can give me some step-by-step help? Thanks!
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