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  1. for "convert two subds into one?" "Modify -> Compose" menu command to compose selected subdivision objects into one Subdivision object without change any of this shape...
  2. As explained before, for non-convex polygon, the opensubdiv library generates mesh like this only. Workaround: ->Delete the face with Transform mode (select the face and press delete key), -> Use Bridge mode to create two faces as shown below. -> repeat the same procedure for other side of the face too.
  3. Measurements are relate to the Cage not for the Subdivision object. This is how the Subdivision works. Pl. refer NX Realize Shape, Creo FreeStyle, etc...
  4. This is Senthil Prabu... Thanks Alan for the nice video, Following tips may help to understand the tool better... Reason for the Crossover mesh: The particular cage face is a non-quad cage face, so the OpenSubdiv Library use to generate subdivision mesh like this only. At present the workaround is to convert that face into multiple faces. From the Alan's video: -> "Face hole" is used to toggle on/off its dependent subdivision mesh. In the video, instead of using "Face hole", Use Transform mode, select the face and hit "Delete" button, the particular cage face will be deleted. Then you can use the Bridge mode to close the face with multiple faces as you did for bottom face. -> To Crease everything: Being inside the "Edit Subdivision" tool with a Subdivision object is selected. User can right click to get the following context menus to crease/uncrease everything. Crease All Edges Smooth All Edges Crease All Vertices Smooth All Vertices.