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  1. Thanks for letting us know this issue. We are following the issues VB-177561, VB-128360, VB-175964 and all these are related to not only push/pull it affects all face picking tools, its core level face picking issue. Could you please attach the VW file which used in your movie, I will look into it. Thanks, Senthil Prabu
  2. @line-weight Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Following information would be helpful to understand this behavior. While pre-highlighting a face it always says the basic primitive names, like extrude, fillet, etc., not the boolean operation name (solid addition/subtraction/intersection). Since boolean operations may occur multiple times in the history, which override the previous boolean operation. Tracking the basic primitive object would be helpful in editing that portion of solid, user no need to worry about how and where it was combined into the model. (A cube and a cylinder added together, all the faces of the resultant solid belongs to “solid Addition”. Let us take your fillet case and further model with different boolean and fillet/chamfer/shell operations to 50 steps. If the 50th operation is solid addition, then all faces are resultant of that solid addition.) With the existing workflow, if you want to edit the hole (which created by solid subtraction in the second step), user can highlight the hole face and click it, user will be travel back in history to see the cylinder object (just inside the solid subtraction, where this object combines with history, obviously you can see all other siblings involved in that operation also). Now based on the change user want, he can move the hole (cylinder), copy/paste to make more hole, edit the depth, or edit its profile from circle to something etc. Highlighting all the faces of feature: After highlighting a face if you right click to see the context menu, the system will highlight all the faces of the feature. Context menu will help you furthermore editing like delete and modify (for fillet, chamfer, and shell) feature. We are considering to providing a tree view, it is in our radar. Thanks, Senthil Prabu
  3. @line-weight This is not the original UI, this video would be helpful.
  4. @Tobias Kern Hi Tobi, Thanks for your interest and valuable input... The intension of adding push/pull mode in most of the 2D object tools (line, polyline, etc), is to provide push/pull capability instantly, without changing to push/pull tool (as in sketchup). Split the face permanently once 2d object created: we will look into this. Thanks, Senthil prabu
  5. @Bas Vellekoop @Stephan Moenninghoff while updating all the instances of the edited symbol, the system will rebuild the top level CSG if it is inside it.
  6. @Tobias Kern, Thanks for your input on Push/Pull tool.
  7. @Tobias Kern, Thanks for providing direction to grow this tool. we are looking to provide support for non-planar faces in Push/Pull tool, and dealing edges for fillet or chamfer operation. Moving edge and point in 3D modeling - we will explore the possibility for 3D solids. But It is possible for polygon modeler, Vectorworks Subdivision modeling is capable to do that, you can set the Subdivision Iteration to 0, to get the polygon modeler behavior.
  8. @line-weight, Thanks for showing interest on this enhancement Adding move face capability in "sub-face" mode is a great idea, we will look into this. Since Move Face results with Generic Solid (lost all its history), we will look into preserve the history for this operation.
  9. @Samuel Derenboim, As of now, push/pull is not dealing with edges of geometry.
  10. @TessF Hi, tessFspacestation_subDHollow.vwx Pl. find attached file, here the subd model is hollowed and kept as subD. SubD model can be hollowed -> by deleting the cage faces (Transform mode -> select faces to delete -> press "delete" key) or -> by simply using the "face hole" mode to introduce the hollow, easily re-fill by using the same mode. Here the model is scaled down to 0.001 to ensure highlight and picking should work. Pl. file a bug for not able to highlight and picking for larger model (45km long). Thanks, Senthil Prabu
  11. for "convert two subds into one?" "Modify -> Compose" menu command to compose selected subdivision objects into one Subdivision object without change any of this shape...
  12. As explained before, for non-convex polygon, the opensubdiv library generates mesh like this only. Workaround: ->Delete the face with Transform mode (select the face and press delete key), -> Use Bridge mode to create two faces as shown below. -> repeat the same procedure for other side of the face too.
  13. Measurements are relate to the Cage not for the Subdivision object. This is how the Subdivision works. Pl. refer NX Realize Shape, Creo FreeStyle, etc...
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