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  1. Generally, it is identifying those self-intersection cases (see below image), but this case it is missed, it is a bug. We will look into that, if possible, please create a bug.
  2. @Neves+Creative Inc. Failed to create a valid body because of self-intersection profile found in the hole. If you fix that it should work well.
  3. @Bruce Kieffer Hi, The file is corrupted, Solid Subtraction does not have the symbol object in it. If you able to reproduce this issue from the scratch, please provide those instructions/movies, it would be helpful.
  4. @Kaare Baekgaard Fixed the issue (VB-200243) in Update 2. fyi: @Hugues
  5. @Kaare Baekgaard blue grip and orange selection highlight frame blocks the major portion of the center sphere. Looks like in Top/plan view it is completely hidden. But it is there able to pick and snap where you want. It is working fine. Use re-location mode and slightly move the dragger away from point, if you are still not able to see the center sphere, pl. file a bug with your mac details.
  6. @Kaare Baekgaard Thanks for pointing this out and taking so much effort to explain this. I can be able to reproduce it and it is happening only in Top/Plan view, top and 3d views works fine. Created a bug VB-200243 and I will look into that. Thanks, Senthil Prabu
  7. @ddcpe Use Model->Section Solids menu command instead of Subtract Solids.
  8. Thanks for creating a VB, just after you, i also created one. (VB-199976). Anyway both were linked as duplicated. Will look into that.
  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Initially it was designed similar to Edit Curtain Wall, Reshape tool, later based on feedback we introduced invoking of creation dialog by double-clicking similar to Sphere, Cone, Wall, etc... We will look into that, Thanks.
  10. Hi @MsFrosst, could you report a bug and attach the rhino file? I will look into that. Thanks, Senthil Prabu
  11. @line-weight VB-198942 face picking issue related to invisible child node is fixed. Fixed version is sp2 (update2). fyi: @Hugues
  12. @line-weight thanks for sharing the file, I have created a bug VB-198942 to follow on this. As you mentioned this is something like container object's (slabs) class visibility is ON and their child (component) visibility is OFF. This is something new case which is not regression of what I fixed earlier with perspective view. Will look into that.
  13. @line-weight thanks for reporting this, could you please create a bug attach this particular file? if possible, create a saved view to re-create this issue, since this issue in perspective view, it would be helpful. Thanks, Senthil Prabu
  14. @hollister design Studio the profile of the sweep is located far-away from the origin, which is outside the limit of goemetry kernel parasolid. It is fixed with the bug VB-191943 in VW 2023 sp3.
  15. @hollister design Studio It is fixed in VW 2023. The issue is with near by landscape object, which facing difficult in creating body. when try to pick face with tools like (Shell, Extract, push/pull, etc... those landscape object is also comes under screening. Workaround: As of now move the extrude away from such object, once finished with modeling place it in required place. Thanks, Senthil Prabu
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