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  1. If you do give a talk I would be interested, although our needs are much, much simpler than an architectural practice. I think the simple P01 C01 method would work for us, either using the decimal postfix or a letter. I'm not sure we would need a status code. We currently put it in the title block. The other challenge we have is folder organisation to ensure drawings go in the correct location, as we have drawings issued for internal review and drawings issued for external review. Separate subject...
  2. https://icmanual.scrollhelp.site/im/2023.a/ @Trooper If you are an interiorcad please DM me for an invite to the global user community discord server
  3. Thank you this is very promising! I had tried to google the ISO19650 recommendations but clearly didn't get far! I will have to figure out if my team get there their heads around implementing this, instead of simply REV A, REV B, etc.
  4. Does anyone have any best practice suggestion re document/change control: I'm attempting to standardise our control of drawing revisions. Typically we have e.g. REV –, REV A, etc. that is issued to the client for comment/approval. However I need a simple way of recording revisions that occur during internal design reviews that do not interfere with the client issued revision. Industry is bespoke cabinetry. Any ideas appreciated!
  5. Unless you have found the answer already I would be interested to know this but you might be better off asking the question in the interiorcad discord I set up, someone there might know. I will send you an invite.
  6. @Josh Cain I don't know if vectorwop is activated with the trial version, maybe it is. What are you wanting to output to, i.e. what CNC machine or CAD CAM sofware are you running? You are not going to find much in the way of literature. With a little bit of graft / outside assistance it is not very hard to get running. Like @Tom W. says you need to be running 2023 so you will have to hold on tight until next year to install 2024. I would maybe wait until a few IC service packs are released before installing it. J
  7. Try Steve @ cadscchool.co.uk I imagine he can help. You can say Jake recommended him.
  8. Not with Biesseworks or Biessenest but I have with the 2D dxf export to a few different CNC machines. It should be perfectly possible anyway. There is a user on the discord who has a Biesse Rover so perhaps he can help. Otherwise Brendan is also on the discord and he is a specialist, so he could get you up and running. I've seen you DM I will send you the discord invite
  9. Jeremy thank you for all this, this is really helpful. I will report back with the results
  10. still having random crashes. Thinking maybe it’s a user folder issue as I’ve heard about that on this forum before. Or maybe I don’t have enough ram? Only 8GB. I saw on extragroup German website it says 16gb minimum recommended. Any thoughts on that appreciated
  11. @Ride that's ok it will probably fizzle out otherwise. Great to hear you are in touch with Brendan. I am interesting to hear how you get on with the Biesse as we might look at a Biesse in the future. I know what you mean about being too busy to sort this sort of thing out. We stop production for an hour every day to do 3Sing and Improvements, that's the only way we ever get any process improvements or workshop improvements made. Sounds crazy I know but we have got more improvements done in three months that we probably would have in two years.
  12. Jeremy thanks I didn't know 5.2 had been released. I will post in here if any of the issues go away. I had also been having some weird glitchy line weights and viewports not outlining in red after updating the model space, hopefully this resolves it.
  13. No worries, you should be able to get it set up to export to your CNC quite easily, maybe with some help. We have had two different CNCs and I have set it up twice, with a bit of effort / some trial and error. What CNC do you have or what are you using for postprocessing? There is also Brendan on the discord who is a specialist in setting up CNCs with interiorcad so (for a fee) you could get his assistance remotely if you wanted to turbocharge getting it working. Also if you want I can do a short zoom call to show you anything.
  14. No worries let me know if you need any further advise. The discord should only take a second but the original invite link might not work, let me know if it isn't
  15. http://conf.extragroup.de/im/latest/creating-custom-libraries scroll down to the area that says 'Creating Grids in Library'
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