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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to remove someone from project sharing and by doing so force releasing the objects that they have checked out?
  2. Colin Bentley

    User Origin of Project Sharing File keeps Shifting spontaneously

    @JMRThanks for that have checked through the workspace editor and cant find the short cut for user origin, the disable dragging was checked and will check with the guys importing DWGs into our project file to see what their settings look like for the import.
  3. Hi we have been using Project Sharing on Vectorworks 2018 For mac for a little over 2 months now. Among the many problems that we've faced, the worst is the Drawing Origin, (user origin) keeps Shifting spontaneously. I have read through this forum and googled the problem as much as humanly possible as well as read every vectorworks manual and OzCad tutorial on how the User origin affects our drawing but non of them can seem to tell me how to lock the User Origin to the Internal Drawing Origin or stop it from shifting spontaneously. Can someone Please Help Me....maybe ive missed something along the way and the answer might be a lot more simpler then i think but any help would be greatly appreciated...


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