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  1. @JimWNow that we are moving more towards walkthrough presentation would you recommend a high end graphics card, which as I understand will make for a smooth visual experience for walkthrough???
  2. @Bruce KiefferHi, are your walls set by component, often the component classes are turned off. Also some may have zero height. HTH
  3. Hi, You could do it this way. Render style for front and hidden line for the background render, all done within one viewport. HTH House_Shadows.vwx
  4. Nope haven't had any luck with this one, ok if you have the texture first but not create texture from image. Will have a look, but sidetracked with VR at present.
  5. With the framing too am l correct in saying that if i make a change to my wall openings etc i have to totally redo the framing?? A series of extrudes are created from the wall or roof but thats where the link stops. If so there is a real need for the framing to stay linked to the wall or roof to make it really usable.
  6. @abcdefgarinHi, I occasionally have this happen and i go into viewport and back out or switch the viewport to open GL then back and it usually fixed the issue. HTH
  7. @tjdarrDraw your object with 3D polygons and then Add solid. This works for me. 001.vwx
  8. From Planet Vectorworks "VECTORWORKS VIRTUAL REALITY MODEL RECEIVES RECOGNITION AT SWISSBAU 2018" Can anyone elaborate on this more please? is the model available to view? How was it converted over to a VR format for viewing in a (Looks like an Oculus Rift)? Any information please?
  9. You can make any size site model in a matter of seconds if you get the right info from the surveyor. Ask for the survey data as a csf format and use the AEC and import survey data, site model all done in a matter of seconds.
  10. @wingchudesignHi, Simplest way is to trace the contours with a 3D polygon, select each contour line and add the Z co-ordinate to each one, select all then AEC / terrain / create site model and you you should have a model. HTH
  11. @Dave DonleyThanks for this. This will be the biggest stumbling block in AR & VR. Looking at landscape in gaming engines there are a lot of plants that appear real and sway with breeze etc, always the large trees still appear 3d and a bit clunky. Big challenge for this one as image props are a lot less resource hungry.
  12. @RideHi, this may assist,
  13. @Alex NicolHi I notice that AR on Nomad the image props for trees etc show as crossed planes rather than facing the viewer all the time as it does in a normal walktrhough in VW. Is there anything happening to change this as thinking about landscape architects using the landscape package and with most of the images being Image props they are going to run into issues with AR and VR. Thanks
  14. @twkHi, I notice your 2d fill is set to existing rather than proposed, haven't tested it yet. HTH
  15. @SamIWasSeems to work in 2018 simple rectangles x 2 and EAP. attached 2016 file to see if any issues. HTH EAP.vwx