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  1. stairs

    Simple stair is good you can have twists and turns in the one stair where you can’t in the new tools. Using extrude you will have to create auto hybrid otherwise it’s transparant in top plan view. dor simple stairs most of the stair tools are ok but agree need improvements with handrails and balustrades.
  2. How do I create a foreshortened dimension?

    Have you tried editing you dimension style to get what you want? If I understand you you want the dim line to be shorter, adjust in style or create a new style. HTH
  3. stairs

    @mattryanHi you need to set the top and bottom slab to suite your construction thickness. The stair tool has its uses I use it in most projects, like anything you just need to learn how it works, it could be improved in many ways.
  4. Auto-Hybrid selection

    If the plan rotation is anything but 0.00 the I cant select the Auto-hybrid. Am i missing something. Auto-Hybrid.vwx
  5. 2D to 3D design times

    @BJRobinsonMy Thoughts are if i am not doing all the interiors in 3d but a plan and elevations without the interference of a designer changing things near the end 3d is much quicker than 2d. I don't have to waste time doing the elevations because my plan generated them automatically. In VW when you draw a wall you are drawing in 3D anyway, put your windows and doors in correctly the first time with size and height and elevations are correct. Amazing time savings when the designer comes back and moves a wall changes a few windows and says i need it for a presentation in 10 min. You move the walls and windows and the elevations update. try that manually. So 3D saves huge amounts of time in the long term if you maintain the process. These may assist; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFVsO16nAZ0&t=32s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdDtMSW7H4c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pjRwVhjGMA&t=43s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo3erdwpF40&t=170s
  6. fit wall to object

    Wes is right see attached, wall must be under the roof in some part.
  7. 3D lines are a real struggle for me

    If you hit \ on keyboard it toggles automatic working plane on and off. With auto on it sets the working plane on if you hover over and objects face, no need to rotate the working plane.
  8. Texture cannot not apply on extruded objects

    @Rachel.wHi, Is the class of the object set to use at creation and chosen solid in the fill of the class? You are not in top/Plan view?? if so an extrude will appear transparent in top/plan view, so you will need to make it an Auto-Hybrid.
  9. Hatch Scaling

    I am thinking the steel hatches are set up for detailing at say a design layer of 1:5 Metric or Imperial equivalent not for a design layer of 1:100. So without changing the scale of the hatch it works automatically and looks correct at 1:5 Design Layer. If you create a 1:5 viewport both look correct no scaling and both by class. HTH See Attached. Untitled1.vwx
  10. Hatch Scaling

    @GadzooksHi I usually just modify the hatch in the design layer and if needed i can adjust the hatch in the viewport. See attached. Hatch.vwx
  11. Set Fill to None

    @ericjhbergI don't see one specific to this but Marissa may assist. If you use the Set fill color by class and have the class no fill will work.
  12. Updating Spaces in a BIM Model

    You can have a look at creating your own node from http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Space_CreateSpace
  13. Offset Poly - Close Open Curves Option

    @ericjhberg Hi I have adjusted one of the nodes so the offset closes. HTH Offset Poly Closed_180412.vwx
  14. Send to Surface Node?

    @ericjhbergSee attached. run it. Send_to_surface_180412.vwx
  15. 2nd story not aligned

    Yes I'd say your design layer is set to the same, see attached, they should be set to the actual LEVEL in real world\ co-ordinates.


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