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  1. @Bruce KiefferHi are you after the screws in VW ?? see option in tool set.
  2. @MichelvhHi, you could try Make Helix and convert to Nurbs, Go Model - 3D powerpack - Unfold Surface. This may be what you are after. Opps as Andy said, didn't read his answer fully. he suggested this. Untitled1.vwx
  3. @RMcK2 Possible options scale the bubble in the design layer of in the viewport. HTH
  4. mmm, tried removing the plugin and re-installing it, deleted the Marionette .vlb and .vwr files and still no change. Created a new User account in Roaming/Nemetscheck/Vectorworks/2017. (moved this file and VW recreated a new one) no change.
  5. @Jeremy BestThanks for this, did this but no change still crashes.mmmmm Tried 2016 and all is well. If i draw a few rectangles etc first them use marionette it runs ok for a while, then stalls again.
  6. @Stephan MoenninghoffHi, Still playing. This one places the text on the face of the object and follows it around. Text on Object.vwx
  7. Hi, Just recently when I select the Marionette tool it locks the program (not Responding) have to close program and restart, occasionally i can use the tool but generally not. Any preferences of files i can delete to restore this tool to working order again??
  8. @Stephan MoenninghoffI see the issue, setting text to a 3d point is ok but directly above a 3d object in screen plane? as yo move the object you would need to have the screen plane object reposition itself. What i have so far. will play more. Text on screen plane.vwx
  9. o
  10. @Stephan MoenninghoffHi, This network places text on screen plane or Layer Plane. Hope this helps? 001.vwx
  11. @onyhusHi, Have a look at this video that may assist. HTH
  12. @Jeremy BestHi, as an aside you can look at my youtube channel as I have a few vectorworks tutorials and example there. HTH Also if you have something you want to d let me know and I can assist where I can channel - "Alan Woodwell"
  13. Light Mesh Rame

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, been playing with old networks and noticed that this can create a mesh frame for lights. Adjust the number of rings, verticals and the sizes of all. You could also leave the surface and make it a transparent material.
  14. @Jeremy BestHi, here a few samples that may assist.HTH Overall_V002_v2017.vwx EAP_Symbols_on_Door_170812.vwx
  15. Looking at creating trusses and playing with nodes, Question is on file. How to select a series of named objects? I am sure its something simple I am missing again. Thanks in advance Roof_Trusses_170810-10-20.vwx