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  1. There is a code in Vectorworks Developer giving a code for the shader and the image mask that is (may) be used to create the transparent mask may be (_ImageMask = 19) Still need to get a node to import all your images. Sorry can't help till I get home later in June.
  2. @Pat StanfordPat nothing specially just a general thing for me, it's a learning thing thinking outside the square to develop things and expand the options for me (us).
  3. @acsmHi what operating system are you on. If it's Windows 7 Professional you may have the same issue a few of our old computers had. 2017 was supposed to be shipped with a file that ensured that Renderworks worked. This file would be installed if VW installation found it missing. If you have Windows 7 Profesional I would call your supplier and ask them. @Dave Donley(VW engineer) found the solution that fixed all of our computers in a flash. Hope this is the answer. Good luck.
  4. @Pat StanfordHi seems you (we) have more options available through vectorscript than Marionette at present. As it's easy to convert VS to Python what do you think of going down this path in creating powerful Marionette nodes? There is currently limited information from Vectorworks Developer when creating new nodes, but havent explored this possibility of writing the VS code and converting to Python and then the node. Food for thought.
  5. Jonathon this will work with both I just have to change the criteria of one of the nodes. Also with the new window insertion method being symbols it makes it easier, so you have to insert your window the new way from the dropdown not the old way.
  6. @ChristiaanHi, I have been producing window and door schedules the way you have shown them for the past 40 years and would love to be able to produce them automatically as part of the program. As part of my fascination with Marionette and help from people on the forum i have got something that is getting close to my needs. I just need to be able to rotate the working plane and then the dimensions will generate automatically also. Maybe someone can figure this out while i am away from computers for the next 5 weeks. See attached. What the marionette network does is pull all the windows out of a drawing and places them in a line enabling you to view from front and dimension in the annotation layer. If you add or delete a window regenerate the network and all us updated, this is why the annotations need to travel in the design layer with the window objects. Have a play and see what you can do to assist and maybe get to a final working solution. File 003 has the beginnings of the ability to dimension the windows and as you can see it can be done, just need to rotate the working plane. Got sidetracked on other things and haven't got back to it, will play later Window_Schedule_001.vwx Window_Schedule_003.vwx
  7. Ok understand I will look a bit tonight but I wlil be on hols in Europe for the next 5 weeks without computer but hopefully someone will solve it by then.
  8. @Jab_be Not sure if you need to do this because if you set up[ your texture correctly with transparent background you get the transparency you want. HTH Let me know it his is not want you are after Image Prop_002 v2017.vwx
  9. Great to have a location for all these. My thinking is that it will become an long an unwieldy library to navigate as it grows. Maybe folders for categories. EAP, Image Props. ?????? Input please
  10. @Jab_beHi, Try this. The issue I found earlier on is that VW uses internal index number for the specified objects. Some you can just put in the name as a string some you need to an index so I made this node. Name to Index which does the conversion. This is the same for a slab Name to index but wall styles are simply the name imputed as a string. If you look at my house network you will see the slab and walls how they work. became clear when reading the nodes that this was the case. HTH Image Prop_002 v2017.vwx
  11. Hi, Will have a look and may have to include for 3D polys to allow the EAP to go up and down. Will see how I go. Good suggestion.
  12. Hi, Give me a picture of what your thinking, image or ?? and we can play. You saying a picture rail that stops either side of a door?? and moves when you move the door?? The good thing about the EAP in this network is its not like the VW one where it extrudes down the center of the object all the time. Its controllable. I will redo this in a few weeks when I get back from Hols to have a drop down menu allowing you to select the symbols easier and will look at a split line proposal.
  13. Just on leader lines I only noticed recently that you can have multiple leader lines from the same note. Right click and you see the command, just keep clicking to add more and you can delete also.
  14. @LambkinHi You can use Marionette to do this quickly to do Crown mouldings, Baseboards and window trims. See attached file and look at the video at for how to use it as you need to set up your symbols correctly. HTH Video available at (Copy and past but you may need to add https:// to the start) House_001A_v2017.vwx
  15. @bcClick on the roof in the file and choose roof component, you will see options for clipping the roof to the walls