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  1. Alan Woodwell

    Possible to convert a Marionette object into a PIO?

    @VvierAhi you could look at this to see if it helps. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bBiai3iD-W0&t=0s&index=71&list=UU-2YxfK2gWwIbsX2ChlzDtA
  2. Alan Woodwell

    A Marionette Challenge

    Hi, This may help with the lofting. This was done for shelving and i dropped of a few nodes to create the solid on the last network. @Chuck Davidson Lofting Shelves v2019.vwx
  3. Alan Woodwell

    PC and Mac

    Question for users who use both PC and Mac. Forgetting the hardware i may have to use a Mac occasionally and am a long term PC user. Apart from the shortcuts PC= Alt & Mac Option, PC= Ctrl & Mac=Cmd. etc, is is basically all the same interface so easy to switch from PC to Mac to draw? Thanks in advance Alan
  4. Alan Woodwell

    extruding hole patterns

    Hi, @shutternaut Could use marionette, in this file just make a few different symbols and change them. you can make the reverse also, panel with holes. HTH Screens_v2017.vwx
  5. Alan Woodwell

    Spotlight training

    Hi I need to learn Spotlight can someone point me in the best direction for this please? i know Designer reasonably well, but need spotlight now Thanks
  6. Alan Woodwell

    Web View

    Hi, Possibly this is in the help file somewhere so maybe someone can enlighten and old man. The W,A,S,D did not work until i discovered that i could drag out a little man and place on the model. Then the keys work. Is this in the help file somewhere???
  7. Alan Woodwell


    Hi if you just need the walkthrough you can use PowerPoint and inset a screen recording and then just walk around .
  8. Alan Woodwell

    Wall styles

    @SadeHi, see attached. Note the setup of the wall, all is by class and components. Get this right and you can change walls easily. Always draw walls clockwise so you know which is the right side or left so when adding textures all will work. HTH Also have a look at this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkK32tglmIE Wall with Insulation.vwx Wall with Insulation v2016.vwx
  9. Alan Woodwell

    Glass Railing Transparency in "Hidden Line" render VP

    @khumennyHi, It doesn't appear to be able to adjust the transparency in the viewport. What i have done is use a mask in the annotations layer and adjusted the transparency of the mask. HTH Handrail.vwx
  10. Alan Woodwell

    Glass Railing Transparency in "Hidden Line" render VP

    @khandschuhHI, you can control it in the Viewport by making the glass class no fill. See attached. HTH Glass Handrail.vwx
  11. Alan Woodwell

    Dormer Issues

  12. Alan Woodwell

    grid bubble

    @jnr Hi, all this is controlled in the OIP see attached. HTH
  13. Alan Woodwell

    Glass Railing Transparency in "Hidden Line" render VP

    @khumennyHi, possibly you need to assign the class texture in the handrail OIP, see attached. HTH
  14. Alan Woodwell

    3D Roof not re-positioning

    Hi, I am finding that if i move a 3D roof for some reason and then do an undo (Ctl_Z) the roof often does not move back. Everything else is undone but the roof remains in the moved location and has to be manually moved back. When this happens its also a sign that the program will crash very soon so i close without saving (As is save all the time) and all is good again until the next time. Any one else experiencing this??
  15. Alan Woodwell

    How do I Auto-Rotate text in 3d view VW 2019?

    @Olivier Jauniaux Hi, you can convert the text to polygons and extrude it then rotate as needed . Or create an image prop from a text block say use photoshop and create a jpg and make a transparent mask. It will rotate toward you if you wish, Good Luck.


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