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  1. @Kevin McAllisterHi, not at computer till Friday so maybe I am mistaken, was going by memory and maybe thinking of 3D PDF export. With web view I recall you save your file at the view where you want the viewer to start. There are a few standard views you can click on and if lost hit the home button to return to the original view. Will check later.
  2. @ItchyOne thing I do is to set up a series of saved views as stating points and then when you export the web view select export saved views and point this out to you Client so they know how to select them.
  3. @danbates Hi see video this should help.
  4. @CraftyCat Understand the Autohybrid is critical to getting the most from a 3D model. Set it up correctly and you 3D model will go a long way to saving you time when producing your 2D plans and Elevations. see one of my videos on the subject.
  5. I currently sitting in a hotel on the beach just south of Barcelona and will be back home in Sydney Australia In a few days.
  6. @CraftyCatWell if you are drawing walls with height you are drawing in 3D anyway so put you windows and doors in with correct size and height and you will have part of your Elevations automatically by creating viewport Elevations to a sheet layer. I try to draw as much as I can in 3D as it saved working over in a 2D plan or elevation. When you get down to the detail level you will revert to working over the model in 2D as there is a limit to the amount of detail you can do in 3D Will point you to a few more videos that may assist. Specifically the use of Autohybrids. Objects that hav use in 2D and 3D.
  7. @taavilookeI am thinking the best option is to modify a styled window close to the one you need, and save it as a style. Keep making different styled ones either new or from the previous one created. Marionette will only create you a window object and you would need to convert it to a styled window anyways. (Happy to be corrected)
  8. @CraftyCatHi this video I did in answer to another question also goes over setting up a file and walls etc. HTH.
  9. @RussUGo to snap settings and make sure you hav these angles selected. settings&rhsyns=
  10. Go file export and select export image, select marque (square rectangleof area wanted) and it will ask for a location to save image. Good luck.
  11. @CraftyCatHi this should give it to you. images &rhhlterm=Import images &rhsyns=
  12. @lhaldeman2Hi, not near a computer for a week but as I recall I made the items to be used symbols and placed them on another class so I could turn off the original objects. So you have a blank screen and bring in each item via the animation tool. When previewing the items appear when the preview finishes, but the movie should be ok. Ill be back home in a week so can look then or maybe someone from OzCad Australia can chip in. The should be a tutorial around somewhere.
  13. @lhaldeman2hi, export it as a movie and play movie and see if it is correct. if you do a preview sometimes it does not seem to do what you are after, but the movie works.
  14. Oh oh um, not at a computer but yes it look like it is. Opps is this one of those Aus/NZ add ons to VW again which ships as part of the program?
  15. @Kevin McAllisterthe process (you may know this) with animation is to create a symbol of the items you move and then using animation set the distance you want to move, either slide, ocellated, up or down, based on speed or timing including the number of seconds you want the object to animate, when you want it to appear and disappear etc. its a bit tricky at first until you understand it but it works well. when you export the movie you may not see things move as you want but when you look at movie all is fine as seen in the attached video.