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  1. Is there a way to have the network remain as same as 2016 in 2018? if i open a file in 2018 the network blows out. See attached, Image 2016 on left and 2018 on right. Thanks House_V001-end_2016_v2016.vwx
  2. Edit site model should be so easy. click on model and add a few modes or extend the contour. Still have to edit the crop to get more space around and in 2018 i have option to edit the Existing or Proposed. I created a model using survey data and when i go in to edit the exist contours the contours are fragmented lines. So i drag a line to extend it and save and go back in to check and the computer changed the contour to something different. #@$%$ Is there a Help video for this, Using survey data?? I looked at the video and seems to work as the contours look nice and continuous. I guess i need to retire. See attached file. Site_model_2018.vwx
  3. @John VancouverHi This video may assist.
  4. You can eye drop over the classes from the old viewport makes setting the classes easy. May have to manually do the design layers make sure everything is pause in place.
  5. Have to say i love the new wall join setup for walls of different type. They used to join on an odd angle but now make sense. Will need to investigate why some components join and if there is a way to control it further but this iteration solves a lot of issues for me. Thanks
  6. Yes I still get this on one of the Windows 7 computers at work. Happened at release of 2017 was sent a file that fixed the other 6 computers but not this one. If you get to solve it let me know thanks.
  7. Never really noticed that before, just copied in a pergola and it was higher z value and in this case if you double click to edit the paste in place falls apart... Stupid AutoHybrid!
  8. Hi yes I paste in place in an auto hybrid but I make sure I am copying from same design layer and pasting in the auto hybrid and it's on the same design layer.
  9. @RJRHi, I am able to create corner windows with 2 different height walls as a start with walls different height and with same height and extend one. see attached. HTH
  10. @line-weight Hi, You will find this is you paste in an object and you are not on the same design layer as the Auto-hybrid was on. If you really want to rework an autohybrid flip to an isometric view and ungroup and it comes back to to the original object. Dont ungroup in top plan otherwise you get the 2D only. Copying an autohybrid and un-grouping is good to get the 2D fill from the autohybrid.
  11. @mattryanHi See attached tick draw top tread and make longer. 2018 file Stair.vwx
  12. No Matter how many items are in the library someone had to put them in and one would logically think that someone has a record, else how would one know what to take the old ones out and replace them out etc. Doesn't need to be a comprehensive list of every item maybe "We have added a new library of trees to this location......" That would do me.
  13. Ok but it would be a good idea to tell people what has changed which would assist in a more comprehensive use of the program.
  14. Vectorworks library updated often and i was wondering if there is a text file or overview that comes with the updatethat gives an overview as to what has been updated????? Hope I don't have to guess all the time and stumble on lots of new things>
  15. Hi hope this helps, i tab in and along till i get the one i want then copy and paste in the new area. Presentation1.mp4