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  1. @MarkvlThanks heaps this will help me understand the process better and able me to get more out of my documents. Its nice to see someone understands the importance of wall and components by class,
  2. @MarkvlThanks. understand a bit more now and will play some more.
  3. One issue that can arise is that the end user rely s on the CAD information to scale of use information your design layer that was not intended or not accurate as often happens and the only intended information is on the sheet layer and you get sued. This is usually the risk that we find weighs heavily so we use a disclaimer the the recipient must sign prior to us releasing the document.
  4. You could always give it to them as a dwg file
  5. Save each as movie and play them as needed
  6. @MattGRather than placing cameras use walkthrough to walk your path then at turn areas save your view and keep going and save as many as you want usually at turns. Then create animation and select each saved view the program will do the rest. hth
  7. @MarkvlHi, What did you do to get it to work as i get not a valid object to id. I am trying it on a wall style form the standard library. Thanks
  8. Hi that's a serious worksheet. is there an example floating around that i can look at as i feel the need to better use worksheets. Thanks in advance.
  9. @Marissa FarrellHi, thanks for this simple network, it allows lots of possibilities. I need to get back into Marionette again. Why is the copy node in?? seems to run without,
  10. @WhoCanDo,Hi not sure if this helps but if yo have say 5 lines exactly on top of each other you can select all then hold the "J" key down and click on the lines and you will see all the items listed and you can then cycle through them and when the one you need to select you release. HTH Also to avoid selecting unwanted items hold the shift key down and marquee over the item you want. this way you only select the item and not other items on the design layer.
  11. @BGI see dashed hidden line works on your object, Draw another object and hidden line works, seems to be a problem with the object. If i create new solid subtraction objects all is fine. try to recreate it.
  12. @RDS CasaHi, Here are my If network tests that may assist you. HTH Another_Way.vwx Circle_or_Square.vwx Drawsboth-01 (1).vwx Drawsboth-03.vwx If select items.vwx If_Node_Deleting_Objects (1).vwx If_Node_Deleting_Objects copy.vwx If_Node_Deleting_Objects.vwx if_statement (1).vwx number_of_doors.vwx
  13. @RDS CasaHi, there was an issue in 2016 i think and it was fixed in 2017 then as i understand broken again in 2018. Try back in 2017 to see if you have the same issue. I think if yo moved something like extrudes in 3d they jumped but not in top/plan.
  14. @Melissa JohnstonHi you have it all you hav to do is hit 5 on the Num Pad to see the door & Windows. 0 on num pat only shows wireframe and not 3d (Top Plan), I also tested by adding new window and ran it and it added it in and went to viewport and updated. You need to set viewport to render hidden line to make it clearer. Also by numbering the symbols they will come out in the numeric order. 01, 02, 03, etc must be 03 as 3 =30 in computer language. Also need to look at why some of the dimensions show 100mm at door base etc. It dimensions to the extremities of the symbols and should go to base level (off floor) Found it, your Design layer is set to 100mm so will have to look at how to cater for many design layers, hopefully simply adjusting the windows to link to the design layer and place them above the other line, maybe. So I have added a few nodes to adjust for the design layer height so you shouldn't get any strange dimensions anymore. One dimension is measuring to the sill which is wider that the door may need to adjust your door symbol and i will see if i can override this and dimension to the door, Also noticed that you have some items set Elev sill of frame and some head of frame. I always use head of frame as it is usually the most constant line arounf a building and easy to work with. if you need it to do anything else let me know and hope it assists. Great that you are getting use out of it. Regards Alan Test-AW.vwx
  15. @Melissa JohnstonHi, Just noticed this so will have a look. Can you add your VW file here or a small test file so i can look at yours. Thanks. One thing i recall is set your view to an isometric type view (hit 1 on Num pad) then run script.