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  1. Alan Woodwell

    2019 BUG - Fit walls to object not working

    Hi, Sometimes if you have used the fit to object command on a wall it may not take another go at it so i have to delete peaks and redo and all is well. HTH
  2. Alan Woodwell

    viewport advanced & Alpha Transparency

    This does not appear to be working in 2019. I bring a 2018 file up to 19 and the transparency in the viewports are not there, export back to 2018 and all is ok. Am i missing something??
  3. Alan Woodwell

    Quick House Models

    Hi, sorry for late reply. For ceilings and other things it’s a matter of offsetting the main poly line and maybe reshaping it automatically or manually to get the other pieces. Everything works around the original poly. look at each little section and try to understand what it does. HTH
  4. Alan Woodwell

    Scale text in viewport

    HI, The Scale text in advanced properties for the viewports dont appear to be there in 2019. Have they moved or i am missing something again???
  5. Alan Woodwell

    wall bound

    Not using storey bound walls and no one in office has but we get a message on one drawing that "This wall is using a Storey Bound that does not exist" How to fix this? Thanks
  6. I would like to be able to have the multiple viewports "Use same visibilities in a few panes and not others. Currently its either all same or all not. Say i want 2 with same and 2 not. Thanks
  7. @techgeekhi Vrtk I have been using this and has made life so simple, wether oculus or HTC vive which I use. @aaronreyin work in colour fully importing vector works model to Unity. see my YouTube channel Alan Woodwell. two main videos exporting model to unity and be setup. HTH https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gy2JqGrZMok&t=6s
  8. Alan Woodwell

    Mirror Node Huh?

    @willofmaineHi, this will mirror a 3D object. Mirror object (2) v2018.vwx Flip3D.vwx
  9. Alan Woodwell

    Drawing stepped retaining walls in 3D

    @bj@BJRobinsonHi, Have a look at this help file. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/VW2017_Guide/SiteModel2/Creating_Stepped_Walls.htm
  10. Alan Woodwell

    Multiple Buildings with different base points

    @SELHi,once referenced in on site plan which would have a height of zero you can move all the models (originally drawn at Zero RL) up to desired RL. You can hold curser on the top of the slab and the RL will show in bottom right of screen to be able to check.
  11. Alan Woodwell

    Create Site Model fails

    @JHEarchtHi, Looks like your site modifiers don't have any height RL, they appear top be at 0 RL
  12. Alan Woodwell

    Site model - modifiers spilling into each other

    It would be a good improvement if modifiers could touch and produce the desired results. Overlapping should still be a no no. This would simply things and make modifying the site easier.
  13. Alan Woodwell

    Hybrid Objects in Hybrid Symbols: Invisible Geometry

    @Andy BroomellNicely spotted, and well put. Will do. 🙂
  14. Alan Woodwell

    Site model - modifiers spilling into each other

    Hi, Post a file? Check that noe of the DTM modifiers overlap, or touch, keep them a few mm apart.
  15. Alan Woodwell

    Hybrid Objects in Hybrid Symbols: Invisible Geometry

    Hi, So in this file i have manipulated the Auto Hybrid to be invisible and note all classes are turned on. So i still believe that its not a bug. I can easily adjust it to be on or off. Regards Have turned it back on and added the screen shot and see all classes are still same, all on. Alan 06-Hybrid Objects Invisible-05.vwx


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