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  1. @Wesley Burrows, Please take a look at the linked thread and let me know if you can't find the information you need to fix your problem. I would be happy to investigate your specific situation and provide further guidance. On the side note, I filed a request to our team to see if the output locations for Dropbox and Vectorworks Cloud Services can be remembered similarly to the way it is done for the local processing option. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  2. https://cloud.vectorworks.net/links/11eddd25ab24e2a894de12d7462326d1/ is the correct link to the file. The link you posted earlier (https://cloud.vectorworks.net/links/11edab8735590d0f82a212d7462326d1/) is different. It seems like you have deleted the first link (unshared the file) and created a new one (shared again)?
  3. Can you show me a screenshot of what your Share link dialog says on the web portal?
  4. I have not received any reports about this. Can you provide more details on what you are experiencing? For example, you share a file, and after some time, it is no longer appearing as shared on your Shared list? What do you do in the meantime? Generate a new version, rename the file locally? Any additional info would help point us in the right direction.
  5. Hi @girwin, I am glad it worked! You can select all of them at once and then and click Options (click to select the first and then Shift+Click to select the last. This will select everything in between). If you save the set, this setting should be preserved within the set. I think there is also some logic that sets this option by default for newly added sheets once you have selected it previously. So, over time, it should become the default for you as you start using it.
  6. Hi @girwin, From the Export PDF settings, check the "Export the whole printable area as one page" and see if you get the desired results. You can find this setting on the Publish dialog, when you select the items you want to publish to PDF, and click Options. Note that if you are publishing more than one sheet, you need to make sure this option is set for all of them.
  7. I have entered this wish in our project planning tool for consideration.
  8. @raumplaner, There was an issue that sounds similar to what you are explaining, which was fixed in Vectorworks 2023 SP4. If you haven't yet upgraded, please upgrade and let us know if you are still experiencing the issue. And yes, an example file would help a lot. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  9. Just to follow up here for anyone reading this post... After further investigation, it was determined that referenced geometry is getting exported in the .vgx file and appears to be working fine.
  10. I entered this into our task planning tool. It will be considered. Thanks!
  11. @setdesigner, Redshift rendering is available on the cloud, please send me a personal message with your username, so I can investigate why it may not be working in your case. You can use the Publish command in Vectorworks to select individual sheets for export and submit to the cloud for processing. Yes, referenced geometry is not supported in the .vgx export currently.
  12. @Jacob@tangably.comThe fix is included in Vectorworks 2023 SP4, planned for release next week. Users will not have to do the manual fix after they upgrade to SP4.
  13. Hi @Jon wat, Are you submitting the .vwx for PDF generation from Nomad, i.e. for processing on the cloud? Only PDFs generated by the cloud contain measure data. Also, measuring works for top/plan viewports. Here is the Help article for this functionality: Ifhttps://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/measure-and-mark-up-pdf-files/. If you still can't get it to work, please let me know and I will try to help you further. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  14. Thanks, @Christiaan! I will share your nice words with the whole team that was involved in this challenging effort. I am so glad to hear that you are loving it.
  15. Ok, I am glad you found the culprit. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.
  16. Hi @Tim Harland, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with referenced geometry. There are a few prerequisites for referenced files to work on the Cloud: 1. The referenced files must be uploaded to the same storage location as the master .vwx file. For example, if your master .vwx file is saved on Vectorworks Cloud Services storage, the referenced files must already be uploaded at the time you submit the master file for processing. For example if your .vwx file is saved on your Desktop and you submit it for Publishing on the cloud, the referenced files won't be uploaded, so the cloud rendering would not contain the geometry, unless your master .vwx file contains the saved reference cache. 2. Both the master and the referenced files need to be converted to the latest Vectorworks file version (which is 2023 currently). For example, if your .vwx file is created in Vectorworks 2022, you can submit it for processing, but the Vectorworks 2023 running on the Cloud won't be able to use your referenced files even if they are uploaded to the same storage, because they are an older version. I hope that helps. Please let me know if I can assist you further in any way. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  17. Hello @jnr, It is expected for the 3D model to contain all objects that are visible at the time of the export. I cannot think of anything that would cause this behavior by design. I looked at prior jobs on our servers and I think you are not using the clip cube export settings, so you should be able to see all visible geometry in your model. Your files appear to be coming from Dropbox storage though. I wonder if somehow Dropbox could be sending us an older version of your file to complete the job with? Would you mind uploading a copy of your file to cloud.vectorworks.net, and see if the 3D model gets generated successfully from there? That would at least give us an idea if it is a Dropbox specific issue, or an issue with the export in general. Thanks, Iskra Nikolova
  18. Hi @jeff prince Thanks for trying this feature and for providing your feedback. Some of the items you are mentioning are specific to the technology being used, so we have no control over these limitations. Check this article for more details: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/create-a-room-plan-with-lidar/?app=IOS_NOMAD I think what this press release was aiming to convey as a message is that the framework automatically detects walls and doors and other object types to create the room plan. I did not realize that the way it is phrased, it might imply automatic conversion to native Vectorworks objects upon import. I think this would be really nice future project though. Vectorworks 2023 SP4 will support USDZ import, so you will see object names, like Chair, Wall, Table in the Data pane of object info palette. But the imported objects will be meshes. I hope this clarifies it a bit. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  19. Hi Christiaan and Ben, Our engineers are looking into this. It sounds like an issue specific to .vwxw files. To work around this problem, you could save the current copy of your working file as a .vwx file and try publishing from there. I know this is kind of inconvenient, but I hope we will have a fix soon. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  20. Hi Christiaan, When we implemented LAN sync, we also added a way to check peer info for testing purposes, but this was not exposed to the user. I think we should be able to display this info in a similar way, along with additional information. I opened a request for our engineers to look into that. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  21. Hi Christiaan, Thanks for your feedback! I understand the need for such functionality and we will consider it as we make plans for future improvements. We have the same request from others already, so I went ahead and added your vote to it. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  22. You're welcome! I am glad it worked. I will make sure we update the Help with that information.
  23. I just got a tip from our Project sharing pro 🙂 . You change the visibilities in your Working File and Save & Commit. In the commit dialog, you have to make sure you choose to commit “view settings”. Note: only users with Project permissions or higher can commit view changes. I haven't tried this yet, but I thought I would share so you can try also. Maybe it will work for what you are trying to do.
  24. Well, it is enabled and the job succeeds, but the question how you control the views remains.
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