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  1. @Tom W. I see, I really appreriate your help with this detailed description!
  2. @Tom W. @JuanP, @Pat Stanford, Thank you for your answers, now I can understand it better! To summarise it, I just want to know which workflow is better in your opinion: Workflow1: First locate the site I have to work with, and also adjust the internal origin with the geolocate tool. I put the user origin to the same spot, but when I have to export a georeferenced DWG, I put it permanently to the 0,0 point of the projection system. Workflow2: I don't use the geolocate tool, I move only the user origin close to the site.
  3. Hello, I'm confused about internal and user origins, could you please help me with this? First I thought that internal origin can't be moved, it's always at the zero point of the projection system. But we also have a user origin which one can be move to anywhere, so vectorworks can calculate with low coordinates. Now I know tha internal origin can also be moved with geolocate tool. My questions: 1. If I can move the internal origin next to the site, what is the meaning of the user origin? 2. After moving the internal origin close to the site, I could still import a georeferenced DWG file to the right place after checking the georeferenced file option in import setup window. Excellent! But why it doesn't work the same way when I want to export a DWG file? I check the georeferenced option, the layers are also georeferenced, but in the exported file I have the coordinates regarding to the close internal origin, instead of the projection systems zero point.
  4. Thank you, I could manage it by editing the workspace. Strange that I had to do it manually.
  5. Hello Everyone! Strange: I have only the old possibilities, no new fence features. The fence doesn't follow the surface, and there's no possibility to add gate... Is there some hidden trick I missed? fence issue.vwx
  6. I'd need the ability to use Nomad also for on-site work. I'm a landscape architect so I can't always use my laptop for that. When I have to walk many miles and make notes now I have to work on paper. It could be much easyer with an app which could also use the tablet's GPS for geolocate my position on the plan. Basic editing tools and exiting tree tools would be also great. Thank you!
  7. I got this message from Tech Support: This issue has been reported as a bug recently and currently being investigated by our engineering team. Here is the bug number for your reference: VB-195594
  8. @Katarina Ollikainen, thank you for your help, I spent hours figuring out how to make this feature work. I hope that this will be really rectified, becouse I think it has much more meaning in a 2D layout than in 3D. best regards Zsombor Balogh
  9. Hello , if I can join this really interesting discussion, I'd have also a site modeling question: There's the opportunity to see cut and fill volumes with different colors in 3D view. It's really nice, but it would be much better to see it also in 2D top view. There's an option in site model settings/ graphic properties/ site analysis for that but I have no idea how to see the result. Could you please help me solving this issue?
  10. Thank you Jeff! I'll inform you in case I would find some answer for this. Best regards, Zsombor
  11. Thank you, I understand that under the site model tab you can change the color of the cutandfill on the 3D site model in 3D view (3D cut/ 3D fill). Thanks to you now I can see it even in shaded mode not only in wireframe. I think, that In the analysis tab it should change the color of its 2D representation in the 2D view (2D Cut and fill area) . This would be a great feature, but I don't know how I can make it visible (which 2D style or option should I choose in OIP?) Or is this for something totally different purpose?
  12. Thank you, I really apprepriate your help! my 2nd question would be: There's that option (see attached screenshot) in the setup panel, but I don't know how can I make it work (how can I see the result). I suppose it should show cut and fill patches in 2D, which would be really desired for me. But I haven't found any solution for that online.
  13. Thank you Jeff, giving a fill to the site model just solved my wireframe problem. Maybe you know the answer also for the second question: how can I make work this 2D cut and fill coloring option in the site analysis setup panel?
  14. ...I've found this option in setting panel, but no idea how i can make it work:
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