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  1. Circling back to this, Thank you for attempting to help. I have that setting on. I am still experiencing the problems where it just generates whatever the last update of the viewport was. Sometimes if I change the render settings to hidden line and update it, then Change them back to final quality and run again I can force it to take. But not always. If I try to publish as an image instead of PDF then it won't update no matter what I do. Generally speaking each render attempt takes a quite a while so it's also a highly tedious issue to troubleshoot.
  2. Thanks for the help here. It was both of these issues. Really frustrating that the setting defaults to Low... every single time you make a viewport. Between needing to fight the multiple resolution settings (viewport, camera, publish), and then the rendering detail which is buried in unintuitive locations... and then now learning that section viewports get their very own different render setting... and of course the service pack bug.... This is a bit much. There are too many settings buried and hidden away that affect something simple like getting a circle to look like a circle and not a polygon... or to get a print ready image instead of a 72dpi mess. Meanwhile right on the oip for the viewport there is a pulldown called "detail level" which as far as I can tell... doesn't do anything. Certainly it doesn't do enough to justify it's prominent and intuitive place in the top level of the OIP. I'm not a new user to this program, but I've only started trying to push it's limits in the last couple of years... and I have to say the constant bugs and unintuitive settings buried across the platform is wearing thin. I've had too many anxiety attacks in the last few years when under deadline and V-Works decides that a nice hig- quality sheet layer is something I'll have to work overtime for.
  3. I've been fighting it all day trying to get some use out of this service. Last time I used it some months ago it was a mess, but at least after multiple tries I could occasionally get it to render a complicated final renderworks image. Now it will only "render" whatever was currently last in my file, making it pointless. Here is a screenshot of my current viewport to illustrate. I started a render and then stopped it. I uploaded to cloud sharing. I asked the cloud to render this viewport and what it spat out is on the left. If I don't start the render cloud will "render" the preview not the settings I have saved. The last time I posted about cloud publishing issues I got almost no responses and nothing helpful. Is this even a feature that anyone is actually using? If so....HOW? Edit: And Yes my company is a service select member.
  4. Circles rendering as faceted in viewports. Shaded render is most extreme with solid subtractions, but the extrudes are not that great either. In Hidden line the problem fixes itself in two of the three viewports but the the far left is still faceted. These were all drawn the same way. I've checked the settings that I can find. Of course the problem is there are usually multiple settings scattered about that could be causing any given issue so who knows...
  5. No I have a Windows work station. It's fairly tricked out. My personal machine was an older imac (2015) and I have seen the behavior on that one as well. It seemed to only happen when I had models with meshes or other complicated geometry, but nothing that should be taxing the machine in wireframe. Other than that I just can't isolate what's causing it. I'm not even sure what to call it so that I can search the forums effectively.
  6. I honestly have no idea what to call this or what might be causing it. Restarting gets rid of it briefly but it will resurface looking different. This is happening in wireframe and makes it really tough to do anything. It will disappear when I start to zoom then reappear. Sometimes it's intermittent. The model is 3D. Any suggestions as to where to start would be helpful.
  7. Hello, I've just started using cloud publishing so I might be missing something obvious... When I'm sending to publish in the cloud the Sheet layers I'm selecting are not getting published. Instead the cloud "seems" to be stuck on whatever set I last published. I can quit, restart, resave the file and it's often the same. Occasionally it seems to move on, but I can't figure out... why. Any ideas on how to trouble this? Thanks.
  8. I'd like to be able to create a symbol (in this case a picture frame) and add a way to change the texture on just one surface in each instance of the symbol (in this case a picture inside the frame). Similar to the way the TV tool drops a symbol but allows you to change the image on each individual tv. No idea how to begin figuring out how to do this so any guidance on vocabulary, types of tools or processes would be helpful. thank you!
  9. I have an old file that I need to revisit and clean up. It was created in 2020. I've brought it into 2022, and now when I try to render using any rendtrworks setting (original was done in Final Quality) it renders almost instantly as invisible all white objects that I can see outlined when I hover over them. Admittedly the file was a mess in the first place but I can't figure out what's happening here. It will create a shaded polygon render. But nothing with Renderworks. Any ideas what the problem might be?
  10. Thank you! I am using 2022 and it appears to be new with this installation. I’ve been pulling Benjamin Moore swatches for years because it’s our go to paint in my org. I appreciate the help with the work around but I also want to make sure if it’s a big it gets attention.
  11. Benjamin Moore Classic Colors palette stops at #232 missing the majority of the catalogue (The actual catalog goes up to 1680 so this is missing almost the entire line of paints) Not sure what I'm missing here, can't find a way to bring the full line of colors up. Have tried from the color picker, from inside the reproduces browser when making a texture as well. The bulk of the BM colors are missing everywhere. Am I missing something or is this a bug? When I search about Benjamin Moore I get threads from over 10 years ago.
  12. I'm feeling a great deal of relief at the moment to find out I missed the obvious. Thanks!
  13. I've tried googling this but I just can't find anything. I'm creating an exhibit with many image props for the paintings on the wall. I forgot to turn off "Auto Rotate to Viewer" while I was making them. Is there a way to edit them after the fact? I have tried editing them via the resource browser but I see no options for changing this. At the moment I fear I am stuck starting from scratch but I am hoping that I'm just missing something. Thanks.
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