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  1. Andy , it worked . I was adjusting the wrong tab. Thanks for your help. Ian
  2. I did try both . It keeps defaulting to black and1 point Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 12.17.45 PM.pdfScreen Shot 2021-09-01 at 12.17.58 PM.pdf
  3. It seems whatever I do , when saving as a PDF the outlines of teh workbook show up, I selected , 0 , but still shows up. Want to have the text appear , no boxes
  4. I am exporting files from .vwx to .dwg and they are coming up blank . I am testing with Autocad LT for Mac , nothing . Sent a file to autocad user , nothing . I have been exporting like I have , forever, no issues . any ideas ?
  5. Hello All Ready to make the plunge to Mac OS Mojave , is it all clear to work with Vectorworks ? I am running VW 2017 , will upgrade to VW 2019 , then upgrade to Mac OS Mojave. I am gun shy ,as I didi this when it came out and it was a nightmare , reinstalling previous OS system. So, do I get an Amen on making the leap ? Thanks Ian Graham oomph
  6. Don't hold your breath. I turfed Mojave , re installed High Sierra , cost me time and money , but had to be done until this is resolved . VW was unusable and I was going mental
  7. Tim , I took Mojave OS off , reinstalled High Sierra , spent a day doing it , but I won't install Mojave for a while , I typically wait , didn't this time and it was a disaster . In my opinion , my only option at this time . Ian
  8. Jim, I am looking g at reverting back to High Sierra, in the meantime would it be better if I upgrade to 2019 with Mojave , I realize not fully compatible , but will it be better than 2017 ? Ugh
  9. Hello all , I am here as I just installed Mojave and Vectorworks 2017 is crashing like crazy , super slow etc . Typically I am instructed to wait until all things are sorted out , I didn't, I regret it . Question: I am running vectorworks Architect 2017 , should I upgrade to 2019 , wil it be better with Mojave , or equally as bad Reverting back to High Sierra seems like a big task as well with a lot of chaos Any help is appreciated Ian
  10. Hello I recently upgraded from VW2014 to VW2014 Architect. When I save the file form 2010 , it adds the v2014 at end of file, not overriding the file , but now a copy with new file name. How can i control this , so it does;t add the v2014 at end and overwrites my existing file, so I only have one file ? Thanks Ian
  11. importing into a design layer, creating a viewport in design layer . For example I am doing a vanity millwork detail , plan , elevations , sections and details , I will import the plan from the architectural file . I will try doing everything as viewports in saved sheets to see if I can remedy this. Thanks ! Ian
  12. If I have a plan in my file and am doing a blow up detail of part of the plan on a saved sheet via viewport , the text is huge . I can go into Object Info and select Advanced properties and scale text so it looks same as other text. Problem solved. BUT If I import a plan from external resource [ another file ] and import the plan into a larger scale , for say , millwork , the text is huge. Is there a way to control this as we did with above > Object Info and select Advanced properties and scale text so it looks same as other text. When I do , the dialogue box is limited and doesn't give me the option to scale text . We have been looking on web for answers , but nothing Any ideas ? Thanks Ian
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