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  1. the problem usually is GIGO and not much to do with platform, the sheet layers once learned are "magic" they are so fundamental to the printing process that someone should teach the non converts the errors of their ways :-)
  2. the first thing I do on any new install is turn off snap to grid, I either want to snap to a real dimension or to an object in the drawing this applies to an architectural drawing. and the grid is almost never where I want to be.
  3. you can have your areas as formulas in the worksheet first you draw a polygon for each room etc.. then in the DATA field found in OI palette (top box) you give it a specific name such as (E)office etc... then in the worksheet cell you insert =AREA((N='xxxxx'))/144 xxxx=name of polygon the 144 is to get sq.ft. use CRITERIAAREA instead of AREA if you go back and forth to metric. you have to recalcute the worksheet after you make changes it is not automatic
  4. move it over manually rather than healing/snapping
  5. in the VW Help search for Undo gives: "....Select Issue undo warnings to open a warning dialog box when attempting to undo an action that cannot be undone....." so there are items that can not be undone
  6. select Drawing Label after inserting in the drawing go to the OI palette you manually change the "Sheet: _____" and you should create viewports for printing and insert the drawings label as annotations in the VP that way you always get the correct scale since it changes with the scale of the VP
  7. If the model of the condos are slightly complex you may want to create them in separate files and use WGR (workgroup reference) to bring them in to the site plan. then once they are WGR; you create a layer link as per Robert's response
  8. report already submitted with B059316
  9. Is NNA going to offer a fix to the problem of quicktime 7.1.6 not allowing the program to start or instructions on how to backtrack Quicktime to version 7.1.3
  10. we use Ichat/AOL as a file sharing program you can create multiple accounts and restrict access not saving cache of for VP keeps files dowm when working with offsite personel zipping files is also recommended. www.yousendit.com; paid subscription also works well to send to consultants. but in our experience we do not have any engineers that use VW so an exported acad file (with only the info required by the engineers) are usually small
  11. Quicktime 7.1.6 is the problem install on second computer that had 7.1.3 and it worked
  12. You do not have to rerender or update the VP's if you have not made any changes to the drawing you get the red outline of the VP on the screen; but printing is not affected. I have one file that I use to show clients that has 2 sheets that will reopen to the view without a rerender and switches to sheet 2 without a rerender vw12.5 designer ; winxp pro
  13. http://www.vectordepot.com/Symbols1.shtml
  14. www.fypon.com for polyurethane foam
  15. look at the advanced properties of the VP you scale text ..... in this dialog
  16. My Computer Tools File types find mcd (extensions) delete it next time you open a file it will ask if you want to associate
  17. an unwritten rule of using sheets never used the Move Page tool move the viewports to fit the sheets to regain the origin go to organisation palette or navigation palette and edit the sheet Origin needs to be x=0 y=0
  18. forgot to mention you have to unlock you LL first to move it.
  19. you create a layer link for the workgroup referenced layers that you bring in in 12.5.1 there is a query if you want to LL when you firt create the WGR at the bottom of the dialog box then you can locate/rotate/flip the layer link which will get updated when wgr is updated.
  20. we have our title block on the sheet layer at 1:1 then only 1 tb is required for each type we use. we then use annotation for the detail/plan title because it then uses the scale of the VP and you do not have to manually change it every time we have sheets set up for the printer we are using never multiple pages per sheet that was our "old" way of doing things before sheets and vp where implemented.
  21. The concept is that a sheet is always actual size that you would send to the printer, the VPs are scaled if you want to send an Arch D size drawings to a smaller size sheet on a selected printer you scale in the printer properties dialog box (Ctrt-Alt-P)
  22. Instead of importing the symbols or folders and increasing your file size you should go to "add favorite files" to your resource browser you then have access to all the symbols from the RB they then only get saved in the file when they get used that is what libaries are for. you can also create folders in the resourece browser so you do not have to scroll the long lists
  23. If you have a lot of rendered views turn off cache viewports and save views with only the items needed when working on parts of the project
  24. This looks like a good candidate for WGR (workgroup referencing) with a careful management of layers and classes
  25. Use full screen cursor and nudge VPs in place the object your are aligning will change colour
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