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  1. How do I open old MiniCAD files or old VectorWorks files in version 12? The file dates go back as far as 1988. They may be MiniCAD version 4 or later. Thanks, Bob
  2. I will try that sequence of steps and let you know what happens. Thanks, Bob
  3. Thanks, Katie, for replying. I have been launching from the VectorWorks.exe file in the c:\Program Files\VectorWorks12.0 folder. I also tried to launch the Vectorworks 12 viewer but get the same results --- no opening of the application but the viewer shows up under the Task Manager Processes tab. Quicktime is v7.1.6 and Quicktime opens up OK. Next suggestion?
  4. VW 12.5.1 is not opening after clicking Vectorworks.exe The cursor changes to the hourglass for five seconds and then back to the regular cursor. The VW opening splash screen never appears. Task Manager shows VectorWorks.exe under the Processes tab but not under the Applications tab. This is on a Windows XP v2002 SP2 desktop machine with a Pentium 4 CPU 3.4 GHz and 2 GB of ram. Same thing has happened on the other seat of VW in the office on an identical desktop. Things were fine the day before. This happened after we installed the v2.2 upgrade to our Mirra Personal Server software. We were trying to open a file that we had downloaded from a Basecamp project management website. The VW file was created on a mac by an architect that we work with. We have not had a problem exchanging files in the past and his VW file is still working on his computer. I reviewed this forum and tried the various things mentioned including completely deleting VW folders and register entries, completely deleting the Mirra software and register entries, then reinstalling VW. Problem is still there. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bob
  5. Katie, I do not get the dialog box so I must have clicked NO at some time in the past. Is there a way to set the file association to match VW11? In Windows file explorer I have tried using the command "Tools/Folder Options/File Types . . ." to reset the .mcd file extension so that it opens in Vectorworks but it has not worked. Thanks, Bob
  6. On a Windows 2000Pro system I upgraded from v9.5 by installing v11 from CD. When I upgraded I did not uninstall v9.5 until after installing v11. I have also installed the v11.01 update. When I double-click on a file with .mcd extension the file does not open in Vectorworks. Nothing happens. Even if I open the Vectorworks program first and then double-click on a .mcd file nothing happens. I can only open the files through the VW program's command "File/Open . . ". In Windows file explorer I have tried using the command "Tools/Folder Options/File Types . . ." to reset the .mcd file extension so that it opens in Vectorworks but it has not worked. I also uninstalled Vectorworks, restarted and reinstalled. Still no recognition of the .mcd files. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bob
  7. Please add a light that will stay fixed while rotating 3D objects with the flyover tool. This would make the object on the screen appear like an object held in your hand would appear if you rotated it. This would help clients visualize mechanical parts and other 3D items.
  8. I have an Epson 1520, too. Epson's website has updates to the printer drivers, FAQs and Troubleshoooting info. Their support via the website www.epson.com is excellent. Quick response to emails. I also called their support line and got knowledgeable tech support.
  9. Use the Property Bounds tool from the AEC 2D pallette in the AEC workspace. The Property Bounds tool is also on the Sheet Notation pallette in the VArchitect workspace. In the VW Help file there are instructions for using the tool. Additional instructions are in the "Tech Notes and How To's" that you can access from the Nemetschek main page selecting "How To" under "Support."
  10. Call Don at Nemetschek/DiehlGraphsoft at 800-813-7480. I just talked with him about upgrading from MiniCAD 6 to VW. Prices are very good, too.
  11. quote: Originally posted by Brian163: there doesn't seem to be a way to place, say, a circle at an arbitrary location by just invoking the circle command and entering absolute coords. I believe you have to set a locus point first. [/b] Brian, I use the object info palette window to move objects to arbitrary locations. Just create a circle. Next, with the circle selected, go into the object info window and change coordinates, radius, etc. I love being able to use either cartesian and polar coordinates by just clicking a button. This window is great for resizing with coordinates, too. Select an object, go into the object info window and choose the object's handle that you want to change from. Then change the coordinates or size.
  12. I also have the Epson 1520 printer. It is possible that you need to change some settings in the printer control panel and the "Epson Print manager" control panel to get the spooling to work efficiently. There are quite a few settings that affect each other. Read Epson's "Troubleshooting Tip #0248" and "Troubleshooting FAQs" closely. I found this information on Epson's web site in the printer support area. I think that if it is less than 2 years since you purchased your printer their phone line is free, too. Unfortunately for me, I have still not been able to correct an erratic "out of paper error" that I get when printing to the 1520 from any programs. Other than that, I love the printer. ------------------
  13. Thanks, Mark, for your suggestion. I did try the Move page tool but still got blank pages. The grid of smaller pages that make up the total sheet size appears around the image but not over the image itself. It is as if the image has a white opaque fill and is on a layer above the grid of pages. To put it another way, if I try one 8.5x11 page and use the Move Page tool to position the page, as I move the "page rectangle" from the left (outside of the image) towards the center of image, as the page rectangle gets to the image it disappears behind the image. When the page rectangle is centered over the image the rectangle is invisible. What I might try next?
  14. I am working on restoration of historic buildings. I want to use some of the original construction drawings with added notes and information for inspection sheets, details, etc. Many original drawings are 42"x60" in size. I would like to have a service bureau scan them and then I would input them as images in TIFF or whatever format you suggest. I tried a half-sheet (24"x42") scan as a test. It imports very nicely. When I try to print out only a portion of the image I get blank paper. If I reduce the image down so it fits entirely on one printer/paper size then it prints out beautifully but it will be too small a scale to work with. Can I get only a portion of the imported image to print?


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