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  1. michael john williams

    v.2020 now available

    You are all most probably aware....You Tube has a good set of videos of 2020
  2. michael john williams

    See through visibility

    Thank you for your swift response. Tried Andy's suggestion first and it sorted it out. Thanks to you all.
  3. michael john williams

    See through visibility

    Viewport renderings appear 'see through' , as the attached pdf. This happens when exporting to pdf or publishing to pdf. Background renders are set to OpenGL Renderworks. The walls are set to solid in the class settings. Foreground render is set to sketch. I thought it could be file size all be it the pdf file size is only 10MB, so I have tried to reduce the file size by reducing DPI of sheets to 72 or turning off 3 D people and trees and cars but this has not worked. Any suggestions appreciated. 0458-WesthillPavillion-FeasibilityStudies-OPTION-7-test 2.pdf
  4. michael john williams

    Virtual Reality

    Thanks barkest
  5. michael john williams

    Virtual Reality

    I have recently been searching for videos on Augmentative Reality and Virtual Reality. So far without much success. I am pretty sure some time ago there was a very good one with an architect designing a building and then taking you around the inside of the building. I have looked here on this site, on VSS and You Tube and have only found one video and this is on You Tube entitled Web View and Virtual Reality in Vectorworks 2017, but I am sure there was a better one. Any thoughts?
  6. michael john williams

    3D Wheelchair

    Hi Justin. Thanks for the update. I will check it out.
  7. michael john williams

    Vectorworks Library Disappeared

    I got the vectorworks library back ...........but I had to reinstall Vectorworks......what a pain!
  8. michael john williams

    Vectorworks Library Disappeared

    No. We use Bullguard for our security
  9. michael john williams

    Vectorworks Library Disappeared

    Thank you. I have checked and the VW preferences are ticked so unfortunately this has not resolved the issue.
  10. michael john williams

    Memory Matters

    Good to have the feedback. I went with VW recommendations and have 32 GB on my new pc to avoid crashes but VW still crashes frequently even on the simplest tasks and not just updating viewports.
  11. michael john williams

    Vectorworks Library Disappeared

    After updating to SP 3 Vectorworks Library Disappeared! I have run repair tool and that did not help. Guess my only option is reinstall VW and content library and hope it comes back.
  12. michael john williams

    3D Wheelchair

    Thanks. I will check it out.
  13. michael john williams

    pure white background

    I have been using vw to design my company logo - mjwarchitects. It was easy and resourceful for changing and playing around with the typefaces. For instance rotating W to make M. Cropping and converting into an image. Then added as footers to letters and emails. However, I have found the background is not pure white and this shows up when pasted on white back grounds. I have pasted the logo here. Perhaps it is not as noticeable here but it does show up as a slightly off white grey in emails. Maybe this because the background in vectorworks is off white? Is there a way of making the background in vw pure white?
  14. michael john williams

    3D Wheelchair

    Justin, that would be great. I suggest you have a seated figure that could be added showing a person siting on the wheelchair.
  15. michael john williams

    3D Wheelchair

    thanks guys.


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