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  1. We run 20inch imacs (bog standard ones with a bit more ram) and i'd say that unless you are doing some serious rendering then the mac pro will be a waste of cash. you can have 3 imacs for the same money. the days of line drawn cad being super processor intensive are over.
  2. thank god, i found it.. but is there an answer? I'm making a list of them all as we speak
  3. this bugs me about macs and windows, we use the reverse date thing 2008-03-31 but for you americans that probably makes less sense. what bugs me is that you cant sort by 'file type' AND 'date' so it sorts by type then orders those by name or date or size or whatever, at the moment you can only sort by 'whatever' and name seems really basic but absent in mac os and windows
  4. We need to reinstall a copy of vectorworks 12.5 that was lost because of a mac self destruct problem.. but we don't seem to have a note of the serial number, it's one of our older machines and was done before we kept records. we still have the dongle though, is there a way to find out the serial number from the dongle?
  5. I mean the one in the attributes panel.
  6. Is it possible to remove the gradiated fill tool from an install of vectorworks 12.5 on the mac? It's banned in our office standards but we have a few repeat offenders.
  7. New imacs have been anounced with the option of a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS card is this likely yo make significant improvements for VW (and photoshop) or is this a gamers / video type improvement?
  8. it happened again, with a file on a local folder on the desktop. the folder and filename did have spaces in them but the file path was not particularly long. the autosave was set to every 10 minutes bu the changes have not been saved. any thoughts?
  9. mac network, on a server running 10.4 server. we are running 12.5.2 (though have just gone to 12.5.3)
  10. We are having anumber of drawings corrpting and crashing vectorworks.. and it has suddenly got much worse. we are using mac and the only thing that has changed is that some more drawing wark and one of the machines was upgraded to 12.5.3, we have now upgraded them all to 12.5.3 but can't tell if this has sorted anything. is there a way to tell if there is a corrupt drawing elelment/ title sheet that could be causing this? we run imacs with osx 10.4
  11. I'm getting numerous reports from staff saying that they change a file save it and exit but the chages are not saved. I know this is an easy one to put down to human error but it's happening a great deal now.. has anyone had this problem before?
  12. Has anyone got 12.5.3 and 10.5 up and running? is it working ok? is leopard any better/faster as the seem to claim?
  13. I agree with that, the advice aboe telling me to go around and find second hand macs is stupid, we want new gear with guarentees. we bought and continue to buy 12.5 as we expand, to upgrade to VW2008 would cost us ?4000k which is to much for us at the moment (which i wouldn't upgrade to until 13.1 release anyway) we don't have the time or inclination to grub around for botched fixes, and I don't want to have to spend the IT time re-installing OSs when we have work to be doing When we buy vectorworks we thought we were getting an on-going relationship, we continue to buy their software. they've just dumped us. of course as they are well aware, for mac based users there isn't much in the way of choice
  14. regarding the "no one is forcing you to upgrade" we need to buy a new mac for a new staff member starting soon, try ing to find a copy of vw 12.5 was tricky enough, now i have to find a mac for sale with 10.4... apple dont sell 10.4 anymore. or should I just wait for the indeterminate period of time until vw gets sorted. we cannot afford to upgrade the whole office to 2008 yet... and with the problems listed here i would wait a few months anyway. this current situation is very poor.
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