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  1. I think I solved my problem myself. I was not waiting long enough for the smart point to be set before i moved the cursor.
  2. tht worked. Forgot about that feature.
  3. I am importing a DWG file and althouth I set up my scale prior to the import and verify that the drawings is at that scale, when I mport it is at 1:1 I am using landmark 2011 sp3 on a windows computer. Don
  4. Is there any way to import ASCII point files?
  5. I have reset all of my smart cursor settings to default and I am still not able to align with other objects.
  6. When I try to align one object with another (same class and layer) the object I am moving no longer orients relative to the other object. I do not get a vertical or horizontal line from the other object to keep me in line. It only aligns relative to its old position. I am runnign Landmark 2011 sp3 on a windows 7 machine. I first noticed this beofre I updated with sp3
  7. Changing test size did eliminate the problem. thanks
  8. I am using Landmark 2011 sp 2 on a windows machine. When I try to import a dxf point file in 2011 the coordinate values are not preserved.(imports at 0,0) When i do the same import function in 12.5 the coordinates are preserved. In 2011 I am also getting the situation where only the loci import. the point numbers, id, and elevation do not show up but when I try it in 12.5 it is ok. By the way I use Connex and Transit to convert survey points into the dxf data. (both are used with a Nikon 301 total station) Transit is an older Nikon program that is not compatible with my windows 7 64 bit machine so I have to download with a old machine. The Connex is a Tripod Data Systems pachage that can be used on Windows 7. Anyone else experiencing this problem with dxf files?
  9. I am running Vectorworks Landmark 2011 SP2 on a dell using Windows 7 pro. I have had a rare error come up when I am working on text blocks where it will say cannot edit text must zoom in. I can do nothing with that text block no matter how close in I zoom. What is causing this? This is a problem I encountered back when I was using 12.5 on vista. thanks Don
  10. I am using Vectorworks Landmark 2013. Is there a "degree' symbol that I can use when typing text? thanks Don
  11. I have imported a pdf into a drawing and have noticed that there are invisible limits to the pdf (in the form of dashed gray rectangle) that are much larger than the pdf. the gray rectangle is only visible when the cursor crosses it. The end result is that I make the pdf active even I click the cursor well outside of the PDF. I never had this happen before VW Landmark 2011. How can I elliminate this invisible rectangle? What is its purpose? I am running VW2011 Landmark with service pack 1 on a Windows machine.
  12. I am running VW 2011 landmark updated with service pack 1 on a Dell 64 bit Windows 7 pro I am trying to import a dxf file created using Connex (nikon survey) Using VW 12.5 the points import with the point #, ID, and elev showing the way I expect. using VW 2011 I am getting the insertion point only. Once inserted the points cannot be made active and Can't be deleted. Any ideas?
  13. I just uploaded the service pac and the problem has disappeared.
  14. I am riunning VW 2011 and want to change the length of a line. I go to the object info pallet and change the length (I am in polar mode) and instead of the line length changing to the selected value, the length changes and the direction of the line changes. In 12.5 I could just change the length by changing it on the object info pallet.
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