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  1. Thanks in advance... Can anyone help with a work around for the Dutch Hip problem. I want 2 dutch hips (or Dutch Gables in Aus) on 2 parts of a roof but while one works the other wont give me the option to convert? A decade ago I had this problem and I found a workaround but not anymore... Please help? See here.
  2. It turns out that the cause was conflicting PDF's imported into the drawing. The client had an initial survey, then made changes to the property and needed a second survey but it was made on a different pdf writer... The result was a corrupt PDF. I tried removing either of the 2 PDF's and and the resulting PDF was fine, but when both were left in the file it made a PDF that email servers recognised as corrupt and unsendable. They called it a dangerous file. I was alerted to this by my ISP who saw the problem and sent me an email... Hope this helps anyone who has this problem...
  3. I have a file that wont email. It's not size, as I have sent a 25mb email to the client successfully, it's not my email as emails are getting through. The message is "Attachment not sent." IT is a PDF of around 6mb. Could it be a corrupt file? If it is, how can I find what might be wrong with it? Many thanks,
  4. Thanks for trying. It's weird. I'm sure no one wants symbols to look like that?
  5. I had the schedule on the design layer. I've just tried it on the sheet layer, but it is the same low res. Could it be a setting in the schedule under image sizes etc? When I change from thumbnails to 2D attributes I just get rectangle instead of the symbol.. I am still confused why the program changes the schedule instance of the symbol to bitmap? Thx.
  6. Thanks MichaelK, I changed the settings, (which were at 108) to 300 but no greater resolution. When you say they are bitmaps, is there a way to change the schedules resolution? Thank you, Simon
  7. I have an electrical schedule that is printing the symbols at vey low resolution. The symbols in the drawing are all ok. How can I make this right? I have attached the pdf... Many thanks, Simon Goddard Electrical Preliminary.pdf
  8. Archicad has a Repeat Last Command Shortcut (CNTL+B)... Does Vectorworks have a similar shortcut? Thanks,
  9. I have been trying to get acquainted with the 3D PDF export but every attempt seems to be the same lighting and sun etc. I really love this feature and it is powerful for the client but hope that it can be more tailored? Is it possible? Many thanks,
  10. Same problem...I would recommend to anyone who wants EC that they back up all new/updated files daily as I had to restore to OSX 10.5.5. Better still don't get it until it is stabilised. There was nothing that would restore EC to a usable state. I tried every bit of advice and start up procedure and not one thing would help with a beach-balling freeze at login. The thirst for newness must be suppressed... Never again. This is my 3rd time losing 2+ days work due to Apples new operating systems crashing... I am bowing out as an early adopter and becoming an "If it aint broke" guy. [2 cents finishes here]
  11. Thanks so much Alan, appreciate your help... and brilliant graphic example... genius!
  12. Found it...Openings Windows Custom Metric >Gothic top >Single Hung >Change Rise and Spring to Suit
  13. Hi Saviours, I am trying to create windows and doors that have pointy chuurch shape to their top shape. [img:center]https://www.pinterest.com/pin/484559241132372271/[/img] This is the building I am drawing... anyone know if there is anything close available for download or a way to adapt from windoor or other doors? Many thanks, Simon
  14. When I used an older mac some years ago, I used a RAM clearer/cleaner and upgraded RAM and Graphics Card to as far over-spec as I could afford... The thing that made to biggest difference is to go solid state with you memory... amazing improvement. Also, clean and clear your computer desktop, unwanted programs, files and turn off things like Skype/itunes/radio/videos with autorun... The dual monitor may need a lightning cable...? Or buy a new Mac? Ha ha just kidding. Perhaps it's because you're running VW2106 which will have some bugs i imagine...
  15. Thanks ArtV, rdesign and Jim, I have reinstalled my OSX as well as your suggestions... ArtV - I have reduced my undo amount to 5 and I am trying to be more measured in my work flow. Also, I have cleaned out my hard drive and storage. The thing that seemed to make to biggest difference was changing my Time Machine saving from an external drive to an onboard secondary drive. Almost immediate slow down in crashes. Thanks to all for the feedback, Simon
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