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  1. Thanks @unearthed. I really appreciate the response. I I understand what you mean by concave in regards to site models, but the areas you identified are merely just textured parts of the dtm. The dtm is the whole image including the blue areas (sea). The DTM perimeter actually just forms a rectangle. However, after I played around with cropping out unnecessary source data to trim the size of the model down, and still not getting it to work, I realized that the cut & fill of a dtm in another project didn't work either and that was one where it worked in vw2021 but wasn't working in vw2023. Exporting this file to vw2021 has made it work so it looks like this is an issue with vw2023. Screenshot of model in vw2021 below. Cheers!
  2. Hi there. I'm hoping someone can tell me why the cut and fill isn't showing up on my terrain model. I seem to have the DTM settings all correct but I'm getting wierd results as per screenshot below. It's quite a large site so maybe that has something to do with it> Screen shot show site set to proposed only and also when in cut & fill mode. The unmodified part of the site goes flat and the modified portion is not showing the red & blue cut fill areas. Thanks!
  3. I think it’s ='Callout'.'Text'. Let me know if it doesn’t work.
  4. From @aheininen 16 Dec above. On Windows, press WIN-key type Vectorworks 2022, choose from right Open file location, right click on Vectorworks 2022 shortcut, choose Properties, click Change Icon, browse to location that includes attached .ico file, select and click OK multiple times. You might get prompt that you need Administrator privileges to make change, just OK that also. Or if you have shortcut on your desktop right click on Vectorworks 2022 shortcut, choose Properties, click Change Icon, browse to location that includes attached .ico file, select and click OK multiple times. You might get prompt that you need Administrator privileges to make change, just OK that also. Later has advance that it changes both icons at the same time. You might need to reattach shortcut on task bar to update change.
  5. I haven’t tried the custom tool command with redline objects but I know that it doesn’t work on some types of plug-in tool objects. I have created scripts using this command for slabs, walls, simple geometry like lines and rectangles in a variety of classes.
  6. I don’t think you can set your snap grid always in the foreground if that’s what you mean but if you hold the “B” key down then background objects, incl the snap grid, will be visible.
  7. I think you can do this by setting the graphic attributes of the 3D triangles inside the DTM to use zero lineweight. Alternatively, to just hide the lines in sheet layer viewport views, then set the 3D triangles to use their class attributes and then in the viewport apply a class override so that class has zero lineweight just in that view. (The 3d triangles have to be using class attributes for lineweight for this to work). I think that the 3D triangles are set to the site model class by default so you may want to set them to their own class.
  8. I’m not sure if it would work but if a symbol was created which had within its geometry a custom dimension style and the symbol was saved in a workgroup location, it could then be imported into any file. I don’t know though if an out of date version of the dimension style was already in the file wether it would update. I have to say tho that we have created some office standard dimension styles which are in our templates and we have rarely ever had to change them.
  9. Current revision number record field is contained in the "Title Block Border" record. Maybe you missed it as the sheet name and number fields are in the "Title Block Sheet Data" record. I've found that if a Title Block Border has no revision then you get "none" in the revision number column. To avoid this then try using this formula in the column header cell instead of the one you get from the create report command. It essentially says that if a TBB has no revision then enter a blank, if it does have a revision then put in the revision number. =IF('Title Block Border'.'Current Revision Number'='none', ' ', 'Title Block Border'.'Current Revision Number'). Cheers
  10. I have noticed that in vw 2023 the make all attributes by class button turns the class line markers on. Previous versions didn’t do this.
  11. This is actually what I do as when I check my drawings prior to issue I am more likely to notice something that is in my drawing but shouldn't be, rather than notice something that should be in my drawing but isn't. :-).
  12. If you save your PLANTS RM folder into a blank file then save that file into your "Plants" folder in the user library. Alternatively you could do the same except save the file (or a shortcut of the file) in your "Favorites" folder in your user library. Either way works. After doing this you'll need to restart VW or refresh the RM Library. I tend to use a "Master Library" file located in my favorites folder and I simply export resources into it. Over time this can get very big and so you might prefer to break up your different resources into their their own files and save them in the approriate User folder. In windows the user library is located here: [User]\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2023\Libraries. Or you can find the user library via the vw Preferences dialogue. Go to Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences...>User Folders Tab Then hit "Explore" I also just noticed there is an "Add new favorite files..." option in the RM.
  13. I also use 3d polygons for site modifiers. Partly because I'm using vw Architect which doesn't have all the tools vw Landscape does. But also because I've found the site modifier tools I do have available hard to get to grips with. To distinguish between existing vs proposed modifiers I place the 3d polys modifying the extg model inside the dtm as site model data. That leaves all the remaining 3d poly modifiers acting on the proposed dtm. What I also do, which I've found useful is once I have fully modelled my extg dtm, is duplicate it and use the duplicate for the proposed dtm. I like to keep an extg dtm set aside as a reference.
  14. Has anyone else noticed this bug with markers in vw2023 and if it is being addressed? The first time I go to select a marker the marker list is in imperial (my drawing units are set to metric). To view the list in metric I need to click on "Edit Marker List", cancel out and then try and select a marker. See screen shots below. I've also notice that the option to "Make All Attriibutes By class" in the Attributes Palette adds markers to objects rather than just setting the maker style to the class style. Previous versions didn't do this and it's super annoying. Now if I use the "Make All Attributes By Class" button I typically have to go back and turn off the markers. Is this WAD? Thanks.
  15. It should be in your user library. Not sure where this is on a Mac but in vw if you go to the preference settings, user folders tab you can see the address in the dialogue. Navigate to this library folder and find the workspace sub folder.
  16. You can also use the custom modification command in the tools menu. Also very easy. Set the criteria to choose the titleblocks in the file you want to replace then where it says style in the dialogue window (yours will say “unstyled”) click on replace and select the style you want to use.
  17. So it looks like breaking the wall joins as well as deleting wall peaks and end caps - then redoing them, seems to have worked. Had to play around with it for a while and got some really weird behavior in the process with only one side of the wall lining showing in 3d at one point. There is a bug somewhere but don't ask me where! Thanks for your help @FBernardo. Thanks
  18. Thanks. I’ll take some screenshots when I’m back on the PC. However if the walls are the same style and both use component attributes for rendering and component attributes are all set by class then I can’t think why one wall should display 3D components and the other not. The file was converted from a v2019 file to v2023 so I wonder if that is the problem?
  19. Hi there. Can someone please tell me why wall components are not showing in 3d views on some walls? I've tried the eyedropper but no joy. I've just upgraded to vw2023. The images below are of a wall junction of two walls of the same style but only one is showing the lining in 3d.
  20. The texture bed boundary object is a 2d planar object initially created on the layer plane. So in a 3D view it might be hovering way below or above your site model. Try to select it in a 2d top plan view. Failing that use the custom selection tool to select it.
  21. Hi Joe. Having just got vw2023 running I've had a quick look at the Callout Housekeeping worksheet. The worksheet seems to work fine in 2023, I can't find any glitches. In response to your questions: You can't see callout text listed as an option for records as it doesn't show using the standard vw commands. To get this I probably used @Pat Stanford's "Get PIO record field" script on a callout which creates a list of all records for a selected PIO (in this case a callout note). This script will pull records that are not otherwise available. Very helpful for creating these sorts of worksheets. I've attached a vw2023 file that has the script in it along with the housekeep worksheet as per screen shot below. I think this is not available via standard commands as editing the note via the worksheet breaks the callout note's link to the database. To enter your own text in it's own column alongside other PIO database info I think you typically need to add a custom text record to the object(s) you are listing in the worksheet. There maybe a slicker way, if so hopefully somebody reads this and chimes in. Some PIO's do have user fields built into the object which you can use but typically you have to add your own. Essentially, you need to have or create a custom record that you attach to the objects. You can attach the records via the data tab of the OIP. Once attached you can call up and edit the data via the worksheet. This can be a bit confusing if you haven't used records in this way before so shout out if you have any queries. The records can be "preloaded" to symbols and styled objects so they have the custom record attached on insertion. The second screen shot below shows a callout with a custom record attached and a worksheet listing both the callout text and my custom additional note attached via the custom record. Get PIO Record Fields.vwx
  22. Yes I think editing a call-out via the worksheet loses its link to a data base. Currently, for keynote call-outs i only use a notes database to edit them and only use the housekeep worksheet on regular call-outs.
  23. Hi Joe. I’m glad you’re finding that worksheet useful. I’ve used it a lot in the past tho I must say since I made that worksheet there have been some improvements in Vectorworks notes databases that have been really useful for maintaining callout notes across a project file. Im just in the process of upgrading to vw2023 (from 2021) so this week I’ll have another look at the worksheet and see if I can address some of your queries. Cheers.
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