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  1. Thanks you so much Pat for your continuous support on this. I'm now wondering if this would have worked if I used viewports rather than symbols. Perhaps it's too late for this project, but maybe next one...
  2. I tried to change approach and simply write a long IFS formula. Because I already have the value attached to the symbol, and I know the combination of Symbol Name + Story will result is a unique value, So I created a schedule listing the symbols with columns calling the symbol name , Story and the Value attached to the symbol . then I exported that as CSV and wrote a python script to use such file to write the long IFS list. I ended up with a #OPCODE? as the list is too long. If I remove a third of the IFS I avoid the #OPCODE?. I'm wondering if a similar approach could be used in a script called in a the worksheet cell, as the Story comes from the symbol instance rather than the symbol definition, in association with the Symbol name, maybe that way a unique cell value could be assigned for the spaces inside the different symbol instances?
  3. Thanks Pat for looking into this again. I'll give a try to the symbol worksheet. I note in my worksheet the spaces get the layer from the symbol instance. Most probably because a Symbol definition does not have a layer? I'll post again if I find a solution.
  4. Thank you, Pat, for your ongoing assistance. What I'm working on here involves retrieving the Field values associated with the Parent Symbol and then writing them into a worksheet cell to create a comprehensive list of the symbol's contents. These symbols represent layouts for flats, including features like walls, doors, and spaces. My client has requested a schedule that details the elements within each flat, such as spaces, doors, windows, and more, while also specifying the flat to which each element belongs. Given that I have multiple instances of each flat layout, I've opted to use symbols for consistency. I have been trying the whole weekend but my scripting abilities are very basic. I'm not even sure if what I'm trying to get is possible to be honest. I attach a small file I have been using to test this the script. VW Test.vwx
  5. Actually it does not work, It only write the field value for the symbol itself but not for anything inside of it Any help with this would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  6. Thanks Pat I ended up with the following which does the job. I'm working with Spaces Worksheet here. Procedure GetExampleFieldFromSpaceToWS; {February 1, 2024} {Custom script to get a field (ExampleField) value from a record attached to the parent symbol of a Space object.} Var spaceHandle: Handle; recordName: String; fieldValue: String; Begin { Get the handle of the current Space object } spaceHandle := WSScript_GetObject; If GetTypeN(spaceHandle) <> 31 then Begin { Specify the record name and field to retrieve } recordName := 'ExampleRecord'; fieldValue := GetRField(spaceHandle, recordName, 'ExampleField'); { Set the result to the worksheet cell } WSScript_SetResStr(fieldValue); End Else Begin WSScript_SetResStr('Not a Space object'); End; End; Run(GetExampleFieldFromSpaceToWS);
  7. What if I want to get the field of a record attached to the parent symbol? ExampleField of ExampleRecord. Could anyone please help with that? I tried asking chat GPT but it did not help :)
  8. There need to be some documentation on these COBie properties/records/filed/mapping. What is the mapping for the COBie Space report column Category? It Calls for =COBie.'Space'.'Category' but this field in not present in the Cobie space property set in data manager?
  9. Vectorworks 2024 SP3.1 I have trouble getting some of the information in the preformatted reports COBie Facility, and COBie floor. In the data manager I have set the data to <COBie defaults>. In the Facility report I can get quite a lot of the info. The source of the data is indicated in the preformatted report COBie Facility Help. Basically the data can be inputted in the dialog Export IFC Project. After filling all the fields on the different tabs of such dialog I can get the COBie facility schedule to show the info for the following columns: CreatedBy, CreatedOn, ProjectName, and most of the other columns but not the info for the column: Name, Category, SiteName, Description. I am pretty sure I have filled in the data according to the help worksheet as shown in the attached screenshot. For the COBie floor report I cannot get anything at all. I have mapped all the stories in the Export IFC project dialog. The above worksheet are of a special kind, in fact they do not have a database row, still the get the info automatically and can be recalculated to update it. I have tried with fresh files and also by setting the model export model view to COBie management in the dialog above but no luck. Anybody has any idea what I might be doing wrong?
  10. I'm using the pre-formatted COBie reports and I cannot seems to be able to get some of the desired output for some of them. For example when using the COBie Zone report. I can input some data directly in the worksheet IE column calling =COBie.'Zone'.'Name' (consequently by inspecting the space PIO setting I found the corresponding field). But I cannot input some other data, I'm unable to assign the zone category. The database calls for =COBie.'Zone'.'Category'. The data manager does not seems to have any COBIE data which could be mapped to any of the space fields. Anybody has a clue on how to manage the data mapping for the COBie reports/parameters?
  11. I wrote to service support that suggested the following. You can change your installed version through the updater application. Finder > Applications > Vectorworks 2024 > Vectorworks 2024 Updater > Advanced Options > hold Alt/Option and click Change Version > select the desired version > OK. I went back to SP2.1. All good I need to issue the Cobie schedules for a large project(144 flats 21 floors), I cannot wait hours for them to recalculate. Hopefully the bug will be fixed in next update.
  12. I reinstalled VectorWorks initial release (SP0) and all is fine...
  13. Worksheet listing spaces have become extremely slow to work with after upgrading to the latest 2024 update. Exporting back to 2023 and working on it goes back to normal (quick) speed for editing and recalculate.. I have experienced it in 2 different projects, on different machines (Mac Studio ultra +. iMac)
  14. Whops...the door in the wall 🤔 Great that worked!!! Thank you very much Pat
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