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  1. I'm afraid there isn't a way to do it in Vectorworks, the wall components wrap only horizontally, in plan view, and even that with some limitations,
  2. The best option is to create a Record and assign it to a text to use as door tag, don't use the Data Tags or the Door own ID Tag, because they don't work well inside symbols
  3. Bump... I'll like to know more if Vectorworks can work this way too...
  4. Wow, that railing tool looks amazing, would be great to have something like that in Vectorworks.!
  5. Then for the beams, you can use the Create Contours tool to create the baselines to generate the beams.
  6. Yes, there is no way to make a solid fill of a DTM in 2019, doing it manually is a pain in the neck.
  7. There is a fix to this issue? I still have the same problems
  8. Well, we speak spanish fluently and we have a Vectorworks outsourcing service... Reach us at.. https://vectorworksoutsourcing.com/
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think a better aproach to this kind of window would be the Curtain Wall tool..
  10. If you are planning to use Mac Minis, I'll suggest you to check some eGPU solutions, because the Mac Minis don't have a good video card.
  11. That article is nice, it explains a lot what we are saying, The LOD level depends on the stage of the project and where is going to be sent afterwards, the LOD level for a architectural project woukd be 350, and in Vectorworks you can go up to exactly that, in a door you can start just with a generic door with the aproximate size, no hardware, no manufacturer (LOD 100 or 200) and at the end of design you end up with a door with the real final size, hardware and manufaturer specified (LOD 350), for the slabs and roofs, you can start with a generic roof, with no componets and in the final stage change and add the final components for detailing and output.
  12. Inside the BIM workflow, you have the LOD schema, the "Level of Development" in the early stages of a BIM project when we are studing alternatives for a project, the BIM models are simple enough to perform form and function analysis, but as the project approach the Bid-Build phase, the detail and development increases, because we need to extract more information from the models. Check more infoi about LOD here: https://bimforum.org/lod/
  13. I think you have 2 posible ways to do it, you can use the Wall Framer tool to generate all the studs and blocks. For the slabs you can use the Joist tool and the Roof Framer for the roof, all this tools generate 3D objects. The other path would be to create the studs and joist just as 2D graphics inside the viewports.
  14. Give the upper sill a thickness, a small one, that will take care of the line, the problem occur when you extrude a polygon with no thickness, Vectorworks tries to convert it to a closed 3D shape.
  15. I can help you out also, Experienced and with recomendations in the forum! Reach me at.. https://vectorworksoutsourcing.com/
  16. Too many projects in your plate? Need help to finish those renderings? Need some custom 3D modeling? Try.. https://vectorworksoutsourcing.com/
  17. The thing is, to Vectorworks those are different objects, doesn't care if they are coplanar or not. unless they are somehow part of a Wall or they were one unique object those lines would appear always.
  18. Just to add someting to the pot... This kind flexibility is what we need.
  19. Yes, there have been some improvements, but I'll realy love make the stairs like this, it looks very intuitive.
  20. OMG.... that looks amazing! I'm a little lot jealous...
  21. First I think those points need to be in the Wishlist I'm with you with Walls and the cabinets! For the Stairs rails don't use the stair handrails, I'll recommend to use the Railing tool bc it let you use custom posts and profiles.
  22. Too many projects in your plate? Need help to finish those renderings? Need some custom 3D modeling? Try.. https://vectorworksoutsourcing.com/
  23. In the page just says compatible with 2018 yet. Gutters Download latest version: 1.3 (license required) Status: developing Language: Eng Compatibility: Vectorworks 2018
  24. Yes, It would be my first summit also, hope to meet you all.
  25. Wonderful work!!! Vectorworks would look and behave like application for this century!!!
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