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  1. @Benson Shaw That's a really good explanation! Thanks again 😃 I'll keep working on the model and will show you later some updates!
  2. Thank you all for the advices! I managed to do it with NURBS curves and create surface from curves. Before I couldn't do it because I had drawn normal curves but with NURBS works greatly! Here's a picture of what I get - Used Surface array to create structure. @Benson Shaw Thanks for the advices and the file, is really helping! I was thinkin to change the form of the roof later like you did in 2A or 2B. Because the idea is to create a green roof where the people can walk over as a public space.. My next question now will be how to create columns like this: I guess this is parametric architecture created with scripts and algoritms but can it be done in my model without any script?
  3. How can I create a roof from this 4 Curved Lines or NURBS ? I'll also need to add structure to this roof like steel or other..
  4. chrispolo

    Is it possible to select multiple extrudes by height?

    Thank you so much you spare me a lot of hours of work 😁
  5. How can I select multiple extrudes with same height but different size and forms ? Please help It would really help me a lot
  6. How can I select multiple extrudes by height?? The extrudes have different forms and classes.. I really need to do this help please
  7. chrispolo

    3D Urban Model too slow

    I've alredy reduced the area of working with clip cube, and redraft all the heavy objects... well I guess I'll have to try on another machine 😞
  8. chrispolo

    3D Urban Model too slow

    @Jim Wilson Please help 😥
  9. chrispolo

    3D Urban Model too slow

    Please Help!! I've updated the model converting the meshes into solid so the model have less polygons, I converted the trees into symbols but the model still running slow when I turn on the trees class. The program freeze and then simply close itself sometimes even working in the model it close itself. I don't know what to do any advice on how to work with this model?
  10. chrispolo

    3D Urban Model too slow

    Originally I created the file in Revit some object like the stadium was imported from Sketchup, I think that I probably should have to remodel the stadium converting it into a solid.. I wanted to use unshaded because I need to do different graphics maintaining the objects attribute, and a climate analysis based on this model too. Here I sen´t some examples.
  11. chrispolo

    3D Urban Model too slow

    Of course, here it is, I've noted that before creating the viewport and rendering it the file was only 20 MB and after it goes up to 285 MB.. I'm sending it without the viewport Note: the 3D was originally created in Revit and exported as IFC then I converted the IFC objects to extrudes for a better work in Vectorworks.
  12. chrispolo

    3D Urban Model too slow

    I've been workin on this model from a while, and it's been difficult since the beginning with constant freeze and crash of the program, I'm actually using VW 2019 SP 2 in windows 10 Lenovo Y50-70 with i7 processor and 960M Nvidia graphics. My problem is that rendering the model to Unshaded Polygon and then export a viewport is taking forever and eventually the program get freeze, I'm using 150 DPI for the sheet layer. Somebody please help me I have no idea what is the problem, the 3D model has multiple extrudes but I expect my laptop can work it.
  13. When publishing from a sheet view or exporting to PDF the round corners of the draw looks distorted.. I've already try to publish with higer DPI with no results.. Note: the original file was in RVT 2019 and exported to IFC in order to continue working with Vectorworks 2019.


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