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  1. Hi everyone, I've an error when I export from the Sheet Layer a plan the surface hatch doesn't appear like it should, in the viewport it shows correctly but when I export it the scale of the hatch change (only ocurring with one slab the other slab looks good). A week before I exported it and all was looking good, I have updated the graphics card driver don't know if this might be part of the problem. Here I send some pictures (first picture viewport from vectorworks, second picture exported PDF).
  2. Hello, Alex Thanks for your advice have been a great help for me, I have updated my RAM memory to 16 GB since the requirements for this project are 16-32GB. Now I can work better, I have been able to create a 2 viewport in 1, the first a Section viewport in OpenGL for the buildings cut, and the 2nd for the environment in 2D plan view. The only issue a see now is the reference files may lose quality maybe because they also have other viewports attached, or for the scale. Here I sent the master plan. HABITAT HIBRIDO MASTER PLANRAS.pdf
  3. Hello everyone, Is it possible to display sun path in 3D?
  4. Hello Louis, Try this: Go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > 3D and check the quality of the 3D conversion resolution Also, try to review your graphics card settings there's a thread where you can find the best settings for Nvidia graphics cards.
  5. Hello Alex, I still having problem with this file, I've referenced files again in a new base file, the viewport crop is good the problem now is the rendering, when I update the viewport the program freezes after a while and then my pc go freeze too and I have to hard shut down, this has happened several times. I have already reinstalled Vectorworks 2019 but everything looks the same. How is this possible nobody knows how to solve this???
  6. I've tried once again to create the viewport this time deactivating the options display extends below cut plane and it worked! it takes some time but now the viewport is showing complete cut
  7. Nothing works, I resign 😞 it's really sad for me I've spent a lot of time in this it's my graduation project and now the program is slowing me down even more. Really bad experience with Vectorworks 2019 even thru modeling I've experienced constant crashing but this was not expected.. I'll try to export the model to get it done in another program. @ASagatovVW Thank you for your time!
  8. @ASagatovVW Hey, I've tried the solution you gave me but with no result actually the program is going worst because when I try to create the viewport it freezes and then my laptop goes freeze too. This looks very strange. I'll try to create a new file and then add reference files to see if it works. 😥
  9. Got it, should I send the reference files too?
  10. I'm having a similar problem can anyone help me I've already posted a question 😞
  11. I'm creating a viewport from a clip cube, the model has other viewports created by reference files.. As you can see in the picture the viewport only shows part of the model, even if the crop includes all the model. I've also tried to create horizontal viewport but the result is the same.
  12. @Benson Shaw That's a really good explanation! Thanks again 😃 I'll keep working on the model and will show you later some updates!
  13. Thank you all for the advices! I managed to do it with NURBS curves and create surface from curves. Before I couldn't do it because I had drawn normal curves but with NURBS works greatly! Here's a picture of what I get - Used Surface array to create structure. @Benson Shaw Thanks for the advices and the file, is really helping! I was thinkin to change the form of the roof later like you did in 2A or 2B. Because the idea is to create a green roof where the people can walk over as a public space.. My next question now will be how to create columns like this: I guess this is parametric architecture created with scripts and algoritms but can it be done in my model without any script?
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