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  1. there an extra thick line that doest exist in any of my layer or view ports or sheet layers or classes keeps appearing on my drawing everytime I publish the set from VW to PDF, any solution?
  2. I have repeated issue with Section viewports that I can’t fix, when I create section view ports and located it on my sheet layers when I try to annotate on that viewport I can’t change the color of any of the annotations I whatever color I pick for any line, text, shape or title Block will not be visible on the view port I was wondering if there is a actual bug in this that stope this from working or there a very complicate setting that I can’t find yet. It only happens in my section viewport not anywhere else.
  3. I have been trying to make this roof to look like this sketch but unfortunately this model will not act as I intend it to with connect and combine tool is there any other way I can create this roof and avoid these complication. ps: I'm very new to vectorworks.


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