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  1. Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 SP3.1 (Build 646432) Apply a texture from the Resource Manager Info Dialog shows the intended texture - exture does not render with that texture until the thickness is other than zero. Has occurred several times -not all the time an extrude is "zero" - Restarting VW / RW appears to solve the issue for the short term. What am I missing ? - Suggestions Peter Zero Extrude Texture Error.mp4
  2. Render - Re Render ... Yet need to re render Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 SP3.1 (Build 646432) Select Rendered Saved View & scene renders Edit Back Ground resource. View auto re renders View Does not show the changes made ? Need to re select the saved view to re render. ¿ What am I seeing when VW/RW auto re renders ? Suggestions Peter Render Re Render_1.mp4
  3. Pat Thanks You are correct - It is Control , not Option. No software extenders - I turn most of all of the Trackpad gestures off My Keyboard Modifier Keys matches your screen shot above Peter
  4. Pat Thanks More clicking - Noticed it works best entering from the 2D world. 1. Is there a way to set this as the default when editing an existing 2D / 3D Hybrid. 2. Add a feature to the next up grade to turn the Component Dialog off. Please and Thank You from those of us with small screens Peter
  5. Thanks Matt ... Noticed that the the OPACITY column is almost always out of sight when I open the Layers Dialog MacBook Pro is a rocket ship when rendering, but NO real estate on the screen Learning to look for tiny clues Peter
  6. Pat Pat Thanks as always ... VW / RW up to date FYI: Pre Pandemic - MacBook Pro 2013 with VW/RW Designer 2013 Post Pandemic - MacBook Pro 2021 with VW/RW Designer 2022 More disappearing geometry ¿ Possibly something with the MacBook Pro ? See the attached - If I can make a movie of it, it is not a one shot problem One clue may be ... when I save and close a drawing that is in a rendered state, those files are more likely to be problematic when re opened for editing. Suggestions are better than the continued frustrations Peter Missing Dimensions.mp4 Missing Text.mov
  7. Pat Thanks as always ... FYI: Pre Pandemic - MacBook Pro 2013 with VW/RW Designer 2013 Post Pandemic - MacBook Pro 2021 with VW/RW Designer 2022 I am slowly (painfully!) learning to click once to select, then right click. Amaizing how many time I apply the wrong texture with key strokes executed for years. I do NOT utilize a mouse - I "right" click with the option key & track pad See the attached - went to the 2013 MacBook Pro / VW 2013 and used the same approach with out any issues ¿ Possibly something with the MacBook Pro ? Peter Click Right Click.mp4
  8. Matt Thanks ... Two problems here. One - (Went back and checked this ...) Unable to visually tell that the Organization Dialog is Sorted by the heading Op... (Something that I would never intentionally click on.) (Its that little arrow !) As the Op... is the same for the Layers in this case, (don't use this feature) the Stacking order appears correct. So... based on this, I could see how the drag & drop function may NOT work as expected, but... Yet, why is one is able to double click a Layer enter a new Stacking Order in the Edit Design Layer dialog box, then hit the return? The VW Help pop up appears on top, of this Edit Design Layer dialog box then tells you that there are other way to do this, though there is no indication that what you just were able to do, will not work. Very frustrating. Peter
  9. Pat Updated VW Still happens ... Right clicking to edit or to apply I use the track pad on the MacBook Pro and left hand on the keyboard. The video shows that, unless I click the resource first, then right click to edit, it edits what ever was selected (Often out of view). This is aggravating as I almost always apply / edit textures with a right click inside the Resource Browser. ¿ Something is not set right ? Same drawing method dating back to (even before ?) VW 2013 Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 Suggestions ? Peter ************************************************** Resource Select Error.mov
  10. Pat Already had the Automatic Graphic Switching Off Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 Suggestions ? Peter **************************************************
  11. Pat I find that the Legacy Screen Plane appears to resets it self. (¿ Something I do ? / something automated ?) Here is an example where the Worksheet appeared on the Layer Plane ( ¿ a useless location ?)So... added steps to correct, what once was not an issue. Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 Suggestions ? Peter **************************************************
  12. Pat If you only use 2D/3D Hybrid Symbols, with a single Screen Plane 2D component, how would / should you utilize the Component Dialog ? Suggestions are always appreciated Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 Peter **************************************************
  13. Backlit shader example Question: Does someone have an example of the Backlit shader in action. Preferably a Texture with an Image for the color shader ? The Backlit shader appears to wash out any Image I include with it in a Texture. Suggestions are appreciated Peter
  14. ¿ Do 2D Legacy / Unified View Drawing Preference auto reset ? Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 File / Document Settings / Document Preferences / Legacy 2D I have the Turn Off Unifed View checked. On several occasions I have successfully Published Saved Views to PDFs. (These Saved Views are Rendered Perspectives drawn on a single layer, accompanied by a border or other repeating layer set to a 1:1 scale) Returning to / re opening the drawing to make edits, I again Publish the same set of Saved Views, only to find layer(s) missing in the resulting PDFs. Checking the 2D Legacy Preferences I find the Turn Off Unified View option unchecked. ¿ Does this 2D Legacy Preference auto rest based on what / where / how you are drawing ? FYI - What is usually missing is a layer of a different scale than the active layer. Document Preference: Ignore layers with different scale is NOT checked Suggestions ? Peter
  15. ¿ Do 2D Legacy / Screen Plane Drawing Preference auto reset ? Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 File / Document Settings / Document Preferences / Legacy 2D I have the Screen Plane Only checked. On several occasions I have created 2D components drawing in a front or right view, that end up as Layer Plane (Working Plane) geometry. When I look at the Legacy 2D preferences they have re set to Working plane only? Typical this is when editing existing 2D / 3D Hybrid Symbols ¿ Does this Preference rest it self based on what / where / how you are drawing ? Suggestions ? Peter
  16. Custom Selection Tool Issue - Bug ? Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 Open the Custom Selection Tool dialogue. Selection based on Fill Fore Color - Dialog indicates that there are 129 Objects that meet the criteria: (See the attached - Page 1) Add a second Fill Fore Color now there are zero Objects that meet the criteria ? (See the attached - Page 2) ¿ Custom Selection is only able to select one color at a time? … or it is an AND situation for more than one criteria at a time ? Click OK, and the resulting selection is not indicated in the drawing, although components are actually selected. (See the attached - Page 3) FYI - Drawing was a 3DS import with a majority of Mesh Geometry. Suggestions ? Peter Custom Selection_Issue_1.pdf
  17. Unable to alter Stacking Order - Memory Bug? Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 Edit Layer in the Organization Dialog box - Unable to Manually or Drag & Drop to change the stacking order. Appears to happen after VW is open / running for several days. Quit / Restart VW fixes issue. (¿ Memory Issue ?) Suggestions ? Peter Stacking Order.mov
  18. Mac OS 11.6.5 - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 In the Properties Dialog Box, for a selected item, with the cursor select the Width, enter a dimension, tab to the next entry to revise the dimension for Height and the cursor moves down to the Location X. Tabbing does not follow expected / successive order. (See attached) Suggestions ? Peter Resource Dialog Box.mov
  19. Mac OS 11.6.5 - Mac Book Pro - VW Designer 2022 You should be able to right-click on an item in the Resource Palette an pull down to the Edit option. This is traditionally what has worked. VW 2022 - one now is required to click once to select the desired item, then right click to get the Edit option for the desired item. ¿ Extra step now required ? Suggestions ? Peter Wrong Resource Selected.mov
  20. Thanks rDesign ! @Luis M Ruiz ¿ Are you able to share the CAD file for the above stained glass window example ? Thanks Peter
  21. Disappearing geometry bug inside Symbol Edit / Inside Extrude Edit VW 2022 OS 11.6.5 If you zoom or move, the base geometry (While inside the Edit Extrude Mode & Inside the Edit Symbol mode), it is visible. When you stop it “disappears” Able to edit, just not easily. See attached Frustrating Peter 2D disappears in 3D Symbold edit mode.mov
  22. Andy Component edit now required additional work when compared to the original simplicity of 2D / 3D Hybrid symbols. (I have gone back and tested in VW 2013 for example ...) My Work around is to copy the 2D / 3D Symbol and move it to a new drawing. (This isolates the edit process) I convert it in to groups, edit as needed, remake the symbol and import / replace the modified 2D/3D Hybrid back into the original document. Ugh ! Suggestions are always appreciated Peter
  23. Luis M Luiz ¿ Are you able to share the CAD file for the above stained glass window example ? Thanks Peter
  24. How to eliminate complications created by Component Edit We use 1000’s of existing Hybrid Symbols Past VW Edit Hybrid Symbol - while in the edit 2D component, newly created 3D geometry would remain visible. The intent is to add to, reposition, or modify 3D geometry based on the 2D geometry of the existing Hybrid Symbol With Component Edit, added 3D (Extrude from a 2D shape for example …) while in the edit 2D component, disappear. The Show Other defaults to None in the Component Edit dialog. Change the Show Other to 3D, reveals the 3D, though it appears this 3D is not selectable (?) Change Edit to 3D, reveals the 3D, they are now selectable, yet the 2D disappears (?) Select Edit Component Location shows the 2D & 3D Geometry in the Hybrid Symbol, though they cannot be selected, reshaped, moved (?) …is this correct ? This is not like the 2D/3D Hybrid Edit workflow in past VW What would help: ¿ Eliminate an added step in the workflow, if the Component Edit / Show Detail could be set to ALL by default ? ¿ Create a preference to allow this ? The work around is to convert the 2D/3D Hybrid to a group, edit as needed them remake a 2D/3D Hybrid Symbol replacing the existing one. This requires a two step process to capture the 2D & 3D parts of the Hybrid This is reminiscent of the myriad of problems created in our work flow when Layer Plane / Screen Plane first appeared. That was at least (somewhat) mitigated with a default Options settings. Problems with Component Edit.mov
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