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  1. @Bruce Kieffer FYI I have taken to using Solid Subtractions more and more as one is able to edit a solid subtraction and retain / edit the fundamental 3D Shape (Extrude for example) - Additional Subtracting items, added to the Solid Subtraction, is easy task vs recreation. That said, I have experienced on (too..) many occasions your dillemma - I have learned to close and not save or undo / undo / undo and get back to where I started. As I have not directly documented this issue, my only clues were Unified View Being Off vs On. See attached - Two Extrusions Top and Bottom... and a few Subtractions from the bottom Peter Fake it Solid Subtraction.pdf
  2. FYI A constant nuisance about Layer Plane objects is when setting a 3D Perspective View and some 2D Objects will lay down on the mythical ground plane off in the far-flung distance, when all you want is an object that will stick to your screen ... ¿ Does anyone use Layer Plane for On the Drawing worksheets ? Peter
  3. @serge_01 is that floorplan a variable ? ie: will it change ever ? (Is it geometry? - 2D / 3D ? Something similar in the past - the floorplan was a PDF that was static (did not need to render) Added to each Sheet in the Title Block or as another Viewport Peter
  4. FYI Unified View has been an interesting aggravation since it was introduced. The way it looks - Unified View is Auto Align Layer View - Align Layer View - a command that was/is in VW The Unified View default settings are the caused many issues - Ignore Layers with Different Scales especially. Why VW chose to set them this way is ? Thousands of drawings with Design Layers at Different Scales that output together. Likewise drawings with Screen Objects on Multiple layers. ¿ ...Reference images in a Drawing as Layer Plane ? - Or a Worksheet that counts parts ... as a Layer Plane item ? A common design may be one or two Design Layers (different scales) with Multiple Saved Views - Publish the Saved Views for client presentation. How would one implement Unified View for such a workflow ? This is a partial list of issues with Unified View we have encountered: Missing Geometry when Editing (Groups or Symbols ?) - see attached Geometry that has moves visually when Editing (Groups or Symbols ?) ie: Selection indicated geometry is in one place - actual object is in another Parts of Geometry (¿ Symbols ?) that disappear when Rendered (Open GL ?) Invisible Geometry (Open GL Rendering ?), that reappears when rotated with the Flyover Tool, then disappears again. Geometry that can not be selected or only selected with Select All Geometry that is Indicated in the OIP - Not visible in on the drawing - (Typically Group or Symbol ?) Text that is missing from a newly opened drawing (¿ Design Layer ViewPorts / Link Layer Views ?) Text in Callouts that disappears when moved / edit (¿ Delete Callout and Start Over ?) Text that is missing when switching Saved Views a temporary solution is to turn Unified View , off, if it is on - or on, if it is off. VW 2019 (?) - 2023 (on different Macs) Peter Unified View Defaults_1.pdf Unified View Issue Nov 20th.pdf
  5. @lixinpm ¿ are the Design Layers set to different Scales ? Dwesign Layers can be set to different scales - You are able to change the Design Layer Scale in the ORGANIZATION Palette see attached ... Peter Design Layer Scale.pdf
  6. @line-weight with the Cube rendered - Press the "B" key ... Peter
  7. @line-weight it is a rhetorical question. as was noted - some items work well in Screen Plane, yet fail in Layer Plane Why I almost never draw Layer Plane Objects - Many ways too work in VW See the attached - Clip Surface vs Move Point to accomplish a similar (¿ easier ?) outcome. Peter Clip vs Move.mov
  8. FYI After you have the Snap to Bisector preference set (Thats the key to the 45 degree) - increase the time in the Acquire Edge to keep VW from jumping to the next line. (Long time will prevent this jumping - while you use the G key ...) It is quite awkward to do it this way as VW appears to jump to the next point / edge if there is simple movement. (... Hint: Don't use these settings to edit Layer Plane go to Top/Plan and edit in 2D Peter Move Point to Bisector_1.mov
  9. ¿ Why have Layer Plane 2D if you switch to Screen Plane 2D to have the tools function correctly ...? Peter
  10. @Alana Check Unified View - not up to VW 2024 here yet ... Unified View (whether you use it /need it / etcetera) causes a multitude of odd aggravating visual anomalies See attached - just happened today - file has a single Design Layer, many Sheet Layers Peter Unified View Issue Nov 20th.pdf
  11. @Iliesa To be fair, we have also experienced something like this. VW 2019 - 23 - The suggestions / comments above do not link into our workflow. So ... as it has been an oddity the assumption was inherited details, ancient Symbols, even operator error, though your comments echo our situation. The sleuthing equates to very specific symbols and the classes they are in. When inserting them in a drawing is the time we watch out for issues. The thought is: Class switching is based on creating or editing symbols and selecting / changing the Assign to Class. The clue to this issue is when components disappear and they are found in a rarely, though recently used Class. Peter
  12. @Steve Murray Curious ¿ What class are these in on the Sheet Layer ? Peter
  13. Editing a Design Layer, with Specific Class settings, then Looking at the Results on a Sheet Layer ...From the Design Layer - A Saved View takes one to a specific Sheet Layer with Classes set as desired (ie: all on) Previous View then goes back to the Design Layer - Classes are back to the original Specific setting Publish the Saved View (Not just the Sheet Layer) Classes will be set as desired / expected Agreed - Automation would be great Peter Publish Export Settings.pdf
  14. Still puzzled on this as Saved Views (as @Tom W. states) are already available and function as requested Peter
  15. @Nick Armory An easy Worksheet to look at chair counts Isolate / Select chair to count only the desired set Worksheet shows the XCenter and YCenter for each symbol Symbol (=S) in the first column with Count (=Count) is in the last column Summarize the XCenter and the YCenter columns Note that the Count, where a duplicate is in this example, becomes 2 In the first Column (The Grey Column with Numbers 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etcetera...) Right click and Select Item - this will show you where the pair in that row is on the drawing May also help to isolate the chairs in a group or on a different layer - easy to ungroup or move back after the duplicate resection. Peter Chairs.vwx
  16. @Kyle Sutton So my question in this thread... (Ability to lock plan rotation) How do we keep Rotated Plan from happening at all? We would like to Lock the Plan Rotation at Zero ie: We want Standard Views to always show the view in real world terms Top Plan is Top Pan - NOT rotated / Custom / etcetera Any advice is appreciated Peter
  17. @Steve Murray Try creating a Saved View - We have been able to print a Sheet Layer as it stands. ie: Classes set for the Drawing and the ViewPort Class Set in the OIP. and the same Sheet Layer as part of a Saved View controlling the Classes for the Drawing. The Save View sets the Classes for the Sheet Layer, NOT for the ViewPort(s) on that Sheet Layer. Publish: Select The Sheet Layer then select this Saved View Peter
  18. @jason schneider Easy suggestion - Move By Points (Shift-M) set to the first Option Move Mode Move By Points If you click on your selected object, you are holding on to it and this allows a zoom / pan to a remote location click to place it or Click twice any where in the drawing (From / to Locations) and the selected object is moved by that amount / directon Copy (Duplicate) By Points Now hold the Option Key and the above process will keep the original object in its original location and place a copy Peter Move By Points_Copy by Points.mov
  19. @Zach S @Landartma what are the Rendering Settings for a selected Viewport in the Object Info Palette (OIP) ? see attached Peter Rendering Settings in a Viewport.pdf
  20. @gangotti Another possible source of this Black Text Box aggravation is Unified VIew Attached is from a edit done today Single Design Layer drawing No Sheet Layers No Viewports Callout Text Set To Class Attributes Zoom in / Zoom Out sometimes restores the text visually to as expected Turning Off Unified View appears to be the requirement if there are several Callouts Blacked Out In our experience, Unified View creates many similar anomalies Peter
  21. @Pat Stanford Editing existing Dimensions About 1 in 5 edits, it appears that VW assumes that the length of the Dimension is not changing and that the witness line stays locked (?) in the original directions - ending up with an added Override to the Witness Line - Some edits change the Dimension length, with an added Override to the Witness Line Reset to None in the dropdown and the Dimensions look as expected. Would like to shut off the Witness Line Override option as it is not needed Cursor is the reshape icon in the attached video Peter Witness Line Over.mov
  22. Preference / Way to turn off the Dimension Witness Line Override Not the Witness Line - the Override Editing existing dimensions VW appears to Auto add Override Witness lines in different locations - Spending to much time re setting this feature in the drop down back to none. Suggestions ? Peter
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