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  1. Are snaps enabled for other layers and classes?
  2. @Bryden Scott I have not seen this issue. Does it happen with every file, all of the time? What if you open a Saved View in a new pane?
  3. @Bruce Kieffer Happy New Year! I'm having a little difficulty understanding what's not working; next time you have the issue would you mind doing a quick screen recording and sending it to me?
  4. @michaelk thanks for pointing this out and bringing this up! We've been trying to find a reproducible case that causes this, would it be possible for you to DM me a file and the steps required to get Unified View to automatically turn off? Thanks and any help is very much appreciated!
  5. It's also a little hidden since you have to double click it to "Create Subdivision Primitive."
  6. Thanks @Tom Klaber for the feedback. The gray appearance is related to the style that we chose for the new interface, unfortunately we can't easily change it for the button selection and will need to make bigger style change which we are looking at for the next release.
  7. I believe it's related to your accent color...
  8. There is a command called "Align working plane with current view" which might be able to help with some of those alignment concerns along with the "Snap to working plane."
  9. @BNeilson thanks for pointing this out, it should be fixed in the next major release, VW 2024.
  10. Thanks all, we are looking into this! To be completely honest the performance I see is great on both my Windows and Mac computers; even after copying the GLs several times. I'll pass this off to our QA department and will report back what they find.
  11. @Matt Leak it definitely shouldn't be that slow; did you happen to disable "Accelerate graphics" under the Display tab of the Vectorworks Preferences? Disabling "Unified View" in the Document Preferences can also lead to those kind of redraw hangs. If that doesn't work can you DM me the file so we can take a look? Thanks for pointing this out and helping us address it.
  12. @Tom Klaber and @Dan Hoffman, as noted above the preview swatch on Windows was a bit larger than the one on Mac, we will update the size of the Windows swatch to match in the next service pack. Please let us know if anything else isn't working as expected. Thanks again for pointing this out!
  13. @Tom Klaber and @Dan Hoffman thanks for the feedback and I'm sorry to hear about the frustration. We'll look into options for the next release but you really just want a way to turn off the swatch zooming code?
  14. @Sylvia sorry you're having an issue updating the HL viewport. We've made a lot of optimizations with HL rendering for VW2023 which should have helped prevent this. Would you mind letting me know what build of Vectorworks you're using and direct message me the file so we can take a look? Regards, Josh Loy
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