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  1. I can NOT remember the workaround here. I want to use 2D tools in 3D mode. I KNOW I can do it and there is a workaround but can not recall how I did it years ago. Designing a shed addition and it is painful without this sometimes. Background: Old MacBook 1,1, OS 10.6.8, V'works 2008. . . yep, old stuff but it all works. I have a 3D design up and running and am trying to dimension between 2 stories on the building. There are 3 layers, set to "Show, Snap others", all layers visible. I can use 2d tools as normal only in Plan/ Top view, not in any elevation or other views. What is the workaround? Thanks for your time.
  2. solved the problem on my own. I had left the basic attribute for fill at 50% and when I created the viewport it did so. . . at 50%.
  3. Running an old MacBook, VW 2008, 4 GB Ram. Large 70MB file. I have just started making up some viewports to print and all of a sudden the viewports have a foggy veil over the viewport objects. As if I had a 20 or 30% transparency for each object. What is going on? I have tried a LOT already to fix, no joy. Ideas? My project Home design model is almost done, now I can't even pump out some pdf's.
  4. Where is the best place to find FREE electrical libraries for very simple 2D symbols for layout of HOME switches, boxes, and lighting? I use 2008(!) VW and there are none in the basic library I have. I only have Fundamentals, not architect version. thanks in advance. USA based.
  5. Would like to buy VW 2011. Please shoot me a price. Brian beschreib77@gmail.com
  6. I am perplexed. There MUST be a simple answer. VW 2008, MacBook 2007 with OSX 10.6.8 I have designed a home in 3D, first time. I opened a brand new file to do some experimenting with 3D layers and find that with the layers "stacked" I cannot touch ANYTHING but 3D tools or my entire screen flashes and my Mac "bongs"! Driving my nuts. I've looked at all prefs and tweaks and find nothing to turn this off and, worse, if I want to simply draw a dimension to check a 3D object while layers are stacked this happens. The OLD file with my entire design on it. . . no problem, stacked layers and I can draw with any dang tool I want, no flashing screen / bong! What's up?! thanks for your help.
  7. Jim, Do you do consulting on architectural related projects? I'm building a home and looking for input on my VW 2008 design.
  8. Hello, If you get upgraded and then subsequently have a V'works 2010 Mac license available, I may be interested. Brian
  9. Chris, If you have upgraded and want to sell YOUR old license for 2010, I would be interested. Please let me know: Brian beschreiber@q.com
  10. Hello, wondering if you sold the V' works license for 2013, and how much you received. I am looking for a 2010 license, so if you got one of those too, I may be interested! thanks. Brian beschreiber@q.com
  11. Hello, I was wondering if you sold the license and if so how much you received. I am looking for a V works 2010 license. I appreciate any input you can provide. . . trying to understand how much I may end up paying. . . thanks Brian
  12. Thanks Jim, That was an easy one, and you were correct, just had to select something other than none for fill. I forgot about that tool since I got used to playing with the resource browser and the rendering tools. . . As to the flying roof. I don't understand what you are saying above. I was able to fix it on my own. . . However, if you look at the two images here, you can see how I fixed it. Doing it this way appears contrary to what I UNDERSTOOD as to how the layers should be set up for delta Z and Z level(wall height & elevation). I chose Z level = zero(0) at the Main floor top. Maybe you can enlighten me where I have diverged from good practice! I had to make the layers org like this in order to start the roof at the top of my wall(10' 5/8"): https://www.dropbox.com/s/jeahjj38s9hjzmg/Layers%20listing%20zero%20offset.png?dl=0 and this layout, previous, forces the roof to "fly": https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwgpzzrj2trv33a/Layer%20listing%20NG.png?dl=0
  13. THere has to be a simple explanation. One of you 3D architects will probably take one look and be able to tell me WHY my roof is flying HIGH!?#%$ Check out my screen dump here: also, I can NOT figure out why it fails to render, only wireframe. I have set a pattern in the object info for shingles. . . what else to do?
  14. I'm designing my new home in V'works 2008. Unfortunately, I'm not an architect or Structural engineer-- I'm a mech engineer with no experience in home building. I have a desgin 80% done in V'works 2008 and am hitting a wall with the roof design. Is there a reasonable way to hire a V'works architect in the Minneapolis area (Minnesota!) with such experience? It would be great to have backward compatibility so I can bring it up on my Mac using 2008. I have a floor plan, have engineered the floor trusses, but the roof is stopping me. . . need a pro and am willing to pay.
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