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UK Wall Types

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The attached file contains some UK-specific VW13 wall types that I've made with classed components.

The class names are customised but based on Uniclass. The beauty of VW13 walls is that you can amend the class and hatch names really easily to make your own walls.

Let me know if you spot any errors...

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Particurlarly like the way you've dealt with section walls.

Yeah, we've been doing that for a few years for sectional walls up to detailed design stage (when we build walls properly from symbols of bricks and blocks).

My bugbear, submitted for correction to the wishlists, is the way sectional wall types appear in the Resource Browser (have a look). It's like NNA hadn't thought about sectional walls at all.

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Chris, how come you have two different Wall Styles for sections and plans even when they look the same? Such as the WallInt-MetlMetl style.

And how do you deal with the likes of reinforced concrete walls and their linings? We do quite a few concrete frame buildings and find that we have quite a few scenarios in terms of linings (e.g. one side lined, one not, etc.).

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