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UK Wall Types (v12)

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Attached is a VW12 version of my UK Wall Types for those not yet on VW13 (2008).

Of course you'll lose one of the major benefits of these wall types - components can't be classed in VW12 - but they've exported back from 13 to 12 alright apart from that.

Remember that the sectional wall types will only 'course' correctly if your user origin (Y=0) is the same as the base setting-out point of your masonry coursing. In the UK we often make Y=0 as "Ground Floor FFL" (finished floor level), and this is usually 'on course', so works fine.

If however you are using Y values as AOD levels (above ordnance datum) so that you can make use of automatic Elevation Benchmarks, as is also common UK practice, then I'm afraid you'll need to do the following (quite painful*, but you only do this once per project):

- Duplicate your sectional wall hatches

- Rename the wall hatches with Project AOD in the name

- Amend your Project AOD hatches so that the Y values of all the hatch levels correspond with the actual AOD level of a suitable basepoint, e.g. Ground Floor FFL.

*A clear case for "smart hatches" on the wishlist, that don't need to be duplicated to make rotated versions, or to use a different AOD basepoint....but that's another topic.

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